Terrifying moment two dads ‘almost crushed’ as lorry swerves across four lanes

Two men on their way to work were caught up in the smash after the Bunzl lorry swerved across the motorway before slamming their van into the central reservation

Left is lorry, right is white van on motorway
The lorry swerved across four motorway lanes.

Two men claim they were nearly crushed when a lorry swerved across four motorway lanes and mangled their van in a horror smash.

Danny Walsh and Rick Webster were driving along the M62 last month when a lorry moved into their lane before continuing to drift across and crushing the front of the van.

Their van was dragged against the central reservation of the motorway and left Danny and Rick “fearing for their lives.”

They said the lorry then drove away without stopping to see if the two dads were hurt by the incident.

Dashcam footage from the tradesmen’s van showed Danny, the driver, moving to the outside lane to avoid a collision.

The entire front left side of the van was crushed by the van.

But they were soon trapped by the large vehicle, with the front of the van on the passenger side being crushed by the lorry’s impact.

The vehicle then slammed them against the central reservation, straightened up, before driving off.

Danny and Rick were left stranded and exposed to the busy morning traffic on the motorway as a result, with Danny saying they were “a few meters from death.”

Danny had luckily braked quickly in order to stop the entire van being crushed and thrown over to the other side of the motorway.

Danny (pictured) slammed on the brake to stop the lorry from flipping them over.

Danny said: “We were a few meters and a split second away from being crushed. It could have been a whole lot different. We’re lucky.”

“At first we just thought ‘look at this t***er, not indicating,’ and we thought he just wanted to come into that lane but then he just started coming out again and again.”

“Before we knew it, there was nowhere else to go. People say you see your life flash before your eyes but we didn’t have time for that. We just thought ‘Oh s***.'”

He explained that if he was in a hatchback rather than a van, they “wouldn’t have stood a chance,” with an HGV driver later telling them that if he hadn’t braked in time, they would have died.

The van was pushed against the central reservation, which meant Rick and Danny had to cross four lanes of traffic to get to safety.

“Its a lucky escape. It was just natural instinct to slam on. He must have dragged us 60 yards along the central reservation then he just drove off.”

The lorry belongs to British distribution giants Bunzl, who have confirmed that the driver has been suspended while they investigate the accident.

However, Danny said: “Bunzl said he had a medical incident, but if he did have, he would have stopped, he straightened the wagon and drove off quite competently.”

Danny and Rick were terrified that someone else would drive into them as they couldn’t look out the mirrors. They were luckily able to get across the motorway to safety.

He added that he was really “shaken up” by the incident and that the van has been written off as a result.

“He could kill someone if he did that again. I hope it’s a wake up call for his driving. It could have been a family in that care and they wouldn’t have stood a chance,” the dad-of-two said.

His co-worker Rick, also a dad-of-two, said that the incident has left him with sleepless nights.

“If you think about it too much, it can keep you awake at night, but I want to know why I have nearly made my children fatherless. I feel unlucky that it happened but lucky we survived it.”

Rick was ‘terrified’ the incident would leave his children fatherless.

He explained: “I thought, ‘This could be it.’ It scared the life out of me. I thought of my family and I didn’t know I was going to get out alive.”

Since the incident, Rick’s wife Rachel posted the dashcam footage from the van onto Facebook to appeal for witnesses.

West Yorkshire Police confirmed an incident involving four vehicles was reported on the morning of the incident, while Bunzl said they would be looking into the claims of a medical incident by the driver closely.

A spokesperson for Bunzl said: “We are aware of an incident involving a Bunzl vehicle. We take road safety seriously and the incident is currently being investigated.”

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