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Colin the collie was found tied up outside a Chinese dog meat restaurant and rescued by activists from UK charity NoToDogMeat – now he’s surpassed all expectations and recovered from his fatal condition

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Rescuer greets dog outside Chinese dog meat market

A terrified dog has been rescued from a Chinese meat market after being tied up and on the brink of death.

Animal activists from the UK-founded NoToDogMeat charity spotted the scared collie poking his head through the metal bars outside a restaurant.

Thought to be a stolen pet, the disheveled and suffering pup tried to prove he was a good boy by giving a paw to a rescuer from between the bars of his cage.

The sweet dog – now named Colin – was heartbreakingly desperate for human affection and touch.

Thankfully, the charity’s team freed Colin and took him to their vet in a nearby state.

Colin reached out to hold her hand through the cage


NoToDogMeat/Animal News Agency)

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Numerous tests revealed that Colin was unlikely to survive as he was diagnosed with a brain tumor.

Vets put his poor health down to the cruel conditions he had been kept in.

It was advised to have him put to sleep – but charity volunteer, Anna Gan, 19, who cares for rescued pets at the charity’s shelter in Beijing, said that she would make him a special case.

Colin was nursed on a one-to-one basis by Anna and continued to receive veterinary care.

He was saved from a cruel life behind bars


NoToDogMeat/Animal News Agency)

Incredibly, Colin has now made a miraculous recovery and is loving life at the shelter.

It’s hoped he will make a loving and pampered pet for a new owner in the UK.

Anna said: “When we were told to have Colin put to sleep I just couldn’t do it.

“He looked so lost and frightened, and had been through so much. And I just couldn’t stand the thought of giving up on him.

Colin was desperate for a second chance at life


NoToDogMeat/Animal News Agency)

Now he is healthy and ready for a home


NoToDogMeat/Animal News Agency)

“It is wonderful to see him now, as he is doing so well, and will always have a home here with us, maybe even soon with a new family.”

The NoToDogMeat charity was founded in 2009 by London lawyer, Julia de Cadenet, after she first-hand witnessed the horrors of the meat trade.

She explains that meat trade dogs are often people’s stolen pets, and the terrified animals are tied up and beaten before being inhumanely slaughtered.

Miracle dog Colin is now thriving


NoToDogMeat/Animal News Agency)

NoToDogMeat has special consultative status with the United Nations, to advise on this issue and lobby hard for change.

Julia said: “Stories like Colin’s show the absolute will to live that these beautiful dogs show us. They are just the same as our pets at home and no animal deserves to be treated so inhumanely.

“Colin really is our little miracle, and it is all down to the love and care that Anna showed her, and Anna’s drive to give him a second chance that Colin is enjoying his life so much.”

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