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Andalusian parliamentarian Teresa Rodríguez, at a press conference in Parliament.
Andalusian parliamentarian Teresa Rodríguez, at a press conference in Parliament.ADELANTE ANDALUCÍA (Europa Press)

Teresa Rodríguez is willing to lead a candidacy for the presidency of the Board for the third time. The leader of Anticapitalistas Andalucía already did so in 2015 under the Podemos brand; in 2018, with the Adelante Andalucía umbrella (a coalition with Izquierda Unida and two other tiny Andalusian formations); and in the next autonomous regions, scheduled for 2022, he will pilot the Adelante project again, although there are many doubts about the use of this name because his former allies understand that this name is shared and they prepare an appeal to the courts if it uses it.

The deputy for Malaga has assured this Tuesday night in an interview on the program Andalusian accent of 7TV that if your organization so requests, it will accept the order. Until now, Rodríguez had avoided speaking out openly, but in all parties the electoral rush is on the rise, especially after the Andalusian Government has remained in a minority by having lost the parliamentary support of Vox that last week it led, along with the parties of the left, the return of the budget bill for 2022.

When she came to politics, Teresa Rodríguez promised to be only eight years. She was elected MEP in April 2014, so that self-imposed deadline is met in 2022. Now she has qualified that promise. “The problem is that the circumstances have been exceptional. During the last year we have not been able to do politics, because we have been expelled from the parliamentary group, all resources have been eliminated and we have been systematically silenced. We deserve the opportunity to continue implementing our project ”, he argued.

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The Cadiz leader has ensured that her commitment is “ethical” and that she should not be more than eight years living from politics. “How is this conflict resolved in my case? Immediately requesting my incorporation to my job [es profesora de Secundaria] even acting as a deputy ”. In her opinion, in Andalusia, there are many impediments to making the seat compatible with the job of parliamentarian, something that, according to her, does not happen if the activity is related to the private sector. “I am sure that if an appeal is made to the Constitutional Court that is won,” he said. This has not happened in the case of his colleague José Ignacio García, who had to choose between continuing in Parliament and teaching after contrary reports from the Chamber’s legal services to make both activities compatible.

In this thesis of continuing in office is the mayor of Cádiz, José María González Kichi, Rodriguez’s partner. He also promised to be only two terms, although now he thinks about it, as he said in an interview on 7TV: “If I see that there is not a replacement of someone who can do it better than me, obviously I will have to present myself again. Because after eight years working for my city and for my people, I’m not going to throw it all away ”.

Rodríguez has acknowledged that the Andalusian left has been “responsible” for the fact that the president of the Board, Juan Manuel Moreno, has consolidated himself as a moderate leader, despite ruling thanks to the support, until now, of the extreme right. “It is not moderate, it is soft,” he said. “In the space of the left, this legislature has been regrettable. A fracture has occurred. We have gone from being two groups, when not three and we are on our way to being four. All this has kept us distracted and with little capacity to convey to society a clear message of an alternative to a government of the right ”.

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The Cadiz deputy has considered as not “desirable” that in the next regional elections there are four ballots from the left and has reaffirmed in her thesis the need for an exclusive “Andalusian obedience” party. Rodríguez has assured that there has been no call from United We Can to rebuild relations.

For now, the “broad front” pursued by the Second Vice President and Minister of Labor, Yolanda Díaz, has no echo in the left-to-left forces of the PSOE. Más País will announce next Thursday a new electoral brand in coalition with Andalucía por Sí and Iniciativa del Pueblo Andaluz. Two days later, on December 4, Unidos Podemos will present an expanded project with the presence of the “social fabric”.


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