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The coronavirus pandemic has accelerated digitization and also boosts online purchases, which are marked on the calendar this Friday, November 26. In the run-up to Christmas, the Black Friday inaugurates the season of highest consumption of the year, with striking discounts that offer a good opportunity to purchase cheaper products, provided that the purchases are made with head.

Originating in the United States, the Black Friday owes its name to the business change the red numbers for the black color In their balance sheets, that is, profits are recorded, the day after Thanksgiving, the most important holiday for American families. November has already left another festival of consumption, the 11 of the 11, in this case the day of the single is of Chinese origin.

November 26 has become an important date for merchants, since it is a great occasion for the sales of their products, although this year there may be less stock accumulated. Many businesses do not limit the offers to a single day and extend the campaign a couple of weeks.

Consumer associations such as the OCU recommend a series of tips when making purchases and not fall into deception or bad practices so that the Black Friday don’t turn into black friday.

1. Compare before you buy

Do not get carried away by impulsive purchases and the most advisable thing to do is look at various stores, both physical and online. The same product can be found at very different prices, there are comparators on line, which facilitate the work. It is convenient to simulate the process since shipping costs can be added to the advertised price, making the purchase more expensive. If you want a specific item, you have to see the price days before, to check if the discount is real.

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2. Make a list

It is advisable to prepare a previous list of what is really needed and review it carefully. Also helps set a budget limit not to spend more than the account. In campaigns like these, consumers tend to buy compulsively, getting carried away by apparent discounts. The same price is more attractive if it is advertised with a discount of 70% than of 20%.

3. Check addresses

Before buying online it is important always check url, that is, the address of the web portal through which the purchase is being made or that it is an official application, if a good or service is acquired with the mobile. For more security, the physical address of the seller can be checked.

4. Secure cards for online purchases

For the use of online purchases, use cards for exclusive use. Whether they are prepaid, credit, Paypal or other systems such as Bizum. As far as possible, avoid making bank transfers if the seller does not inspire confidence, see if there are complaints from other consumers. Another recommendation is do not use any WIFI network, those of public or free access are not secure and cybercriminals can get hold of the credit card number, passwords or bank details, it is better to wait and use the Wi-Fi at home or the mobile phone network.

5. Invest in more expensive products

The great discounts in prices that businesses make during Black Friday are an opportunity to invest in those more expensive products, for example electronics or fashion accessories such as bags or footwear. It is also a good time to advance the purchase of Christmas gifts, the acquisition of which may be complicated this year by global problems in the supply chain.

6. Returns online

In purchases by internet, by law you have 14 days to repent and return the product without prior argumentation, as long as it has not been opened or modified. In some cases, the seller collects shipping costs.

7. Cheaper, but not worse quality

The discounted products must have the same quality. The law does not allow the sale of balances or items with tare as reduced. If you are not satisfied in a physical store, they have to give you a Claims sheet. You must fill out three copies: one for you, another for the trade and a third that you must present at the Consumer Office.

8. Save the proof of purchase

Always keep the purchase receipt or receipt for possible returns or future claims. In case of opening the product, it can only be exchanged for an identical one. Attention to special conditions that may be in force during promotional campaigns (do not accept card payments, change your return policy). Stores can post them in sales periods but they must advertise it clearly and visibly.

10. Original labeling

Next to the reduced price must appear always labeled the original price, the percentage of the reduction made or both, both in department stores and shops online.

The OCU warns of false opinions in online sales

This list of tips for Black Friday is summarized in the recommendation of think before buying, do it in trusted sites and never waive our rights as consumers.


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