Teenager left fighting for life after tonsil surgery has to learn to walk and talk again

Corey Wilkinson, 19, suffered horrific complications after surgery and went into cardiac arrest following a bleed. He is now in rehabilitation

Corey Wilkinson, 19, is fighting for his life

A teenager was left fighting for his life after complications following a routine tonsil operation left him unable to walk, talk and eat independently.

Corey Wilkinson, 19, had his tonsils removed at Princess Diana of Wales Hospital, Grimsby, for a biopsy and later travelled to Leeds to be with his girlfriend Courtney Backhouse whilst he recovered.

However, that evening, Corey was rushed to hospital due to a bleed following the operation, reports GrimsbyLive.

Following emergency surgery, he was put on a ventilator and feeding tube.

But when doctors tried to remove the breathing tube, he struggled to breathe and went into cardiac arrest.

Devastated Courtney, 19, Corey’s mum Nicki Wilkinson, and father Barry Blastand, were told he may not survive and he was put on life support.

Nicki, 38, said: “He had his tonsils out at the end of November and, after the operation, he wanted to be with his girlfriend in Leeds and so we drove him up to see her.

“Later that evening, we got a call from Courtney saying he had been rushed to hospital with a major bleed on his tonsils.

Corey with girlfriend Courtney, who helped him rush to hospital



Corey has to learn to eat, talk and walk again



“We drove up at midnight and were informed that he’d had a traumatic operation and had to be put on a ventilator to sleep as he was having difficulty breathing.

“The next morning, they took his breathing tube out, but because his throat was so swollen no oxygen was going in and he went in to cardiac arrest for 10 minutes.

“After that, he was put on life support for two weeks, but wasn’t responding.

“At the time, we were unsure if there was any brain damage to Corey.

“We stayed in Leeds for the first week as we were told it was touch and go as to whether he’d pull through.

“Thankfully, he then started responding by squeezing his hands.

“They measured him day by day and tried to take him out of sedation a couple of times, but unfortunately his blood pressure went too high and he had to be sedated once more.

“He has now been taken off the machinery and will begin a period of rehabilitation. However, Corey is still on a feeding tube as he is struggling to swallow.

“He’ll need to learn to walk, talk and eat again, but we’re not sure what the permanent damage could be at this stage.

Corey went into cardiac arrest after the bleed



Corey was sedated until his body naturally started to wake up



“He’s currently in Leeds hospital, but will soon be moved to a rehabilitation centre.”

Speaking about her reaction when she was informed of what had happened, Nicki said she knew these bleeds could happen, but didn’t expect things to get any worse.

She explained: “I knew these bleeds could happen, as it did to my sister after she’d had the same operation.

“We thought everything would be alright, but when we were told about the difficult operation, that’s when things got serious.

“We were preparing ourselves for the worst and were in complete shock.

“I never thought we’d be in this situation.

“Corey was always keeping himself fit and went to the gym every day, he was so close to being a qualified personal trainer.

“It’s really upsetting to see how weak he is now after losing his muscle from being bed ridden, that’s what’s upsetting him most too.”

Looking to the future, Nicki says she’s not sure what will happen, but she and the family are doing all they can to make their house ready for when he returns home.

She said: “Our aim is to get the house ready for when he comes back and make it so he can move in straight away.

“We want him back as soon as possible and I know he wants to be out of hospital as quick as he can be.

“Sadly he won’t be home for Christmas or New Year’s Day and that’s making the whole situation even harder to deal with.”

The family have launched an appeal to help raise money to fund adaptations.

To donate to Corey’s GoFundMe page, click here .

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