Teen stabbed after leaving his home for just second time in two years

An autistic teen who stayed at home for over two years was brutally stabbed after leaving his house for just the second time.

Billy Baxter, 16, undertook life-saving surgery after being stabbed in the heart and lungs – he now has a 12-inch scar across his chest.

The young lad was stabbed nearby his home in Blackburn after an alleged disagreement over a girl, Lancs Live reported.

Billy messaged his mother, Jessie Brian, 35, on Snapchat shortly after the attack to tell her he was on his way to the hospital.

The incident has left the young Billy traumatized and the family is now considering moving out of the area, according to Jessie.

Billy’s 17-year-old attacker, who cannot be named for legal reasons, was sentenced to 28 months in custody for the offense which took place last week.

Originally, he was charged with attempted murder but the Crown Prosecution Service reduced it to wounding with intent.

Jessie was outraged by the sentence and called it a “slap on the wrist” while Billy’s ambitions have essentially been broken.

Billy Baxter has ADHD and autims and spent more than two years in his girlfriend’s house without ever leaving

“Billy wanted to be a plumber and now he’s too scared to go out of the house just when he got his confidence back,” she said.

“It’s heartbreaking what he’s done to my son, and in court, he held his head up high like nothing had happened.

“I’ve been around this area for 35 years – it’s the only area that I’ve known – and now we have to leave because the attacker knows my address and so does his family.”

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Billy has ADHD and autism and had spent more than two years living in his girlfriend’s house without ever leaving due to his disability.

But the pair broke up before the attack and he was living with his mother at the time.

He was ambushed after leaving the house at around 6.45pm on September 17 to meet up with a new girl he had been interested in.

“I’ve been around this area for 35 years – it’s the only area that I’ve known – and now we have to leave because the attacker knows my address and so does his family.”

Billy told his mum about the stabbing over Snapchat while on his way to hospital just minutes after the incident.

“I got a phone call from one of his friends on Snapchat, and it was actually Billy on the phone saying that he had been stabbed.

Billy Baxter has been left with a large scar across his chest

“I thought it was someone having a joke because it didn’t sound like Billy.

“It was only when he said: “It is me, mum, I’ve been stabbed and I’m on my way to the hospital,” that’s when I found out.”

Surgeons performed life-saving surgery on Billy after it was discovered he was suffering from internal bleeding.

Jessie said: “He was stabbed in the chest, between his heart and his liver.

“It pierced his heart, as well as cutting through a tube that runs from his heart for the blood supply, and slashing his liver.

“They had to open him up and pull his rib cage back and do an operation on his heart, and they had to repair the tube as well.

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“It was an operation that he had to have within 24 hours – a life-saving operation – because he had internal bleeding as well, which is very, very dangerous.”

She added: “It was a nightmare to tell you the truth, it really was a nightmare.”

The incident and surgery has left Billy with a huge scar running down his chest as well as some smaller dotted ones above his stomach.

Despite surviving the attack, Jessie says that the young lad has been left with mental trauma.

She said: “My 16-year-old who wanted to go to college and be a plumber hasn’t got a life now because he won’t go out.

“He feels very conscious about the scars. He talks about it every single day. It’s not just one little scar. It’s one big massive scar and two scars underneath it.”

She has also spoken out about the sentence the attacker received, claiming it won’t detect other kids from carrying knives.

She said: “28 months is a slap on the hand.”

“This boy who did all this will probably get out and get a job or whatever, and my son is left not knowing what to do next.”


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