Switzerland partially closes the case on the donation of 65 million from Juan Carlos I to Corinna


Emeritus king

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In this case, the emeritus king did not appear as investigated. The investigation was carried out on the Lucum Foundation and in which Corinna Larsen as well as various managers and bankers were being investigated.

The Swiss prosecutor Yves Bertossa has partially closed the investigation that he carried out on the Lucum Foundation and in which he kept as investigated both the former lover of the king emeritus Corinna Larsen as various managers, Arturo Fasana and Dante Canonica, and bankers.

That Panamanian foundation, of which he was a beneficiary Juan Carlos I, was the depository of a donation of 100 million dollars, 65 million euros, made in 2008 by the King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia.

In a statement, the Public Ministry of the Swiss country indicates that it has been decided to close the case, and therefore exonerates all those investigated, including Larsen, a person to whom the former monarch would have donated later – in 2012 – that same amount. It should be remembered that in this case the emeritus king did not appear as investigated.

The prosecutor Bertossa charged the defendants with an alleged crime of money laundering, the reason was the lack of transparency about that donation of 65 million euros.

However, that statement explains that the investigation “did not establish a sufficient link between the amount received from Saudi Arabia and the conclusion of the contracts for the construction of the high-speed train.”

For this reason, the Public Ministry, the note indicates, has decided to partially archive the process as it did not find sufficient charges. However, it does indicate that the costs of the proceedings, set at 200,000 Swiss francs, must be borne by the defendants.

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In addition, it points out that, at the end of the investigations, the Prosecutor’s Office has resolved that the use of that Lucum foundation and other companies of the defendants “they would show a will to concealment”.

Corinna has pointed out that her innocence “was evident from the beginning”

For her part, in a brief statement Corinna Larsen has indicated that today “finally” she has been exonerated of all responsibility in the investigation carried out by the Swiss prosecutor for three years. And he pointed out that his innocence “was evident from the beginning”, for which he regretted that “this episode has served to further damage” his image.

It should be remembered that Larsen has sued the King Emeritus before the london courts, demands that it be settled precisely on these dates. The businesswoman assures that the CNI, and the one who was its director, Félix Sanz Roldán, or the people who work on her behalf or that of Juan Carlos I put both her and people around her “under physical surveillance who it included surveillance vehicles and personnel, trespassing on their property where they resided, and spying on their phones and computers. “

Finally, the Minister of the Interior, Fernando Grande-Marlaska, has declined this Monday to pronounce on the decision of the Prosecutor’s Office. The minister has affirmed, to questions of the journalists in an appearance in Pamplona, ​​that “it is not a matter of the Government to pronounce itself” on resolutions of judicial order or of prosecutors, “neither Spanish nor of other countries”.

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