Swap flowers and chocolate for tea and a chat this Mother’s Day – Bethan Shufflebotham

I feel like I have a cuppa and a natter with my mum every day. But typically, it’s surface level chatter, small talk, how’s your day, what’s for tea type stuff.

During the pandemic, I began working from home, and honestly, I’d never seen more of my mum and dad. I’d gone from high school and heading straight out with friends afterwards, to university and a part time job, to taking on my first graduate job back in 2019.

Despite living with them, our paths rarely crossed, so it’s only really been the last two years that I’ve really gotten to know them as adults on a personal level, rather than simply caregivers.

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With Mother’s Day coming up, I’ve really thought about what I can do to let my mum know I appreciate her. And actually, I’m sure most mums would give the same answer to ‘what would you like for Mother’s Day?’ Our time.

In a digital world of social media, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and TikTok all battling for our time – how often do we give those people in the room there with us our full, undivided attention?

The Pukka Tea selection box at Holland and Barrett

I’m guilty of it myself, asking ‘how was work’ without taking my eyes off my Twitter feed. So this year, I really do plan to give the gift of time.

My mum loves a cup of tea – drinks more than I do, and I thought I had a problem. and Holland and Barrett are stocking a gorgeous Pukka Tea selection box for £13.99.

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The set contains 45 bags of nine different tea flavours, including turmeric, three ginger and ‘love’.

The organic love tea is a ‘heart warming touch of rose, chamomile and lavender’ and sounds ideal for a pamper night.

Each of the different teas, which smell amazing in the box, are 100% organically grown and ethically sourced. The bags are compostable while the envelopes they come in are recyclable.

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The box itself is designed with a floral pattern and looks fab on the kitchen counter alongside the coffee and sugar containers. Then, when it’s empty, it can be reused, composted or put into the home paper recycling bin.

The selection of tea is great, and there are choices for any time of the day like the ‘feel new’ tea, or night time organic brew.

So, I’m vowing to pop the kettle for a Pukka cuppa to have a proper chat and catch up with my mum.

The Q+A collagen anti-aging day cream
The Q+A collagen anti-aging day cream

Holland and Barrett also have a selection of Q+A skincare products on sale, including their collagen anti age face cream for £12, which sparks the perfect opportunity to have a full pamper session this Mother’s Day.

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I’ll be cracking out the face masks, nail polish and of course, some biscuits to go with our tea to celebrate.

What I particularly like about the Q+A products is that the box includes a little tick box on the side that explains the kind of skin it’s good for.

This cream is collagen boosting and anti-aging, ideal for calming, firming and hydrating stressed and dry skin, be it sensitive, normal or combination skin.

You can find all of Holland and Barrett’s Mother’s Day gift ideas here.

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