Stranger pays for mum’s New Look dress after seeing her try it on as she cries with joy


Gemma Louise Ghosh, 37, said she often feels insecure about her appearance but was blown away by the kind gesture from a generous couple in the shop which made her feel “beautiful”

Gemma Louise Ghosh, 37, fell to the floor in tears when she was told about the kind gesture
Gemma Louise Ghosh (centre) fell to the floor in tears when she was told about the kind gesture

A mum was bowled over with kindness when a stranger bought her a New Look dress after seeing her try it on in the changing rooms.

Gemma Louise Ghosh, 37, was trying on a dress for a friend’s wedding at the St Helens store in Merseyside on Monday.

Despite often feeling insecure about her appearance, Gemma said she felt beautiful in the gown and planned to buy it the following week.

But after leaving the changing room, the mum-of-two could not believe it when a staff member told her that two strangers had just bought her the £33.99 dress.

The woman in the cubicle next to Gemma thought she looked wonderful and her husband had paid for the dress, reports the Liverpool Echo.

Gemma, who lives in St Helens, said: “This couple have no idea just how much they changed my life in that moment.

Gemma said the couple have changed her life forever


Liverpool echo)

“It made me feel so different about myself and they’ve made me realize it doesn’t matter what size I am.

“I haven’t really been out that much recently because I haven’t felt comfortable. But I felt beautiful for that minute and that’s what’s important.”

Gemma said the husband gave her a high-five and told her she looked beautiful and to have an amazing time at the wedding.

But his generosity did not end there, as he handed her £20 telling her to have a drink on him.

Gemma ‘fell to the ground’ in tears and was surrounded by staff who were also crying.

When she went back to the shop this morning, they told her they had not stopped thinking about what had happened.

The New Look dress is the same color as the one Gemma’s daughter plans to wear


Liverpool echo)

She said: “I just didn’t expect it. I’m always the person who pays for someone else if their card declines but this sort of thing has never happened to me before.

“This couple need recognition and to know they have changed someone’s life forever.

“My heart is so full and I feel incredibly blessed. I want to thank them from the bottom of my heart.”

Gemma shared her experience in a Facebook post which has gained thousands of likes.

It also led her to the couple, Debbie and Mike Ronan, who so kindly bought her the dress.

Debbie has an eye bleed that causes her to lose her sight and the family have set up a GoFundMe page to help as the blindness stops her from working.

Gemma said: “I can’t believe this poor lady is going through this and they still did something so generous for me.”

The mum has now hung the dress up on her wardrobe door.

When she woke up this morning she saw it and was reminded of the kindness of the two strangers who made her feel so happy about the way she looked.

In a happy coincidence, she also realized that the color of her dress matches the one her daughter is planning to wear to the wedding.

The big day will take place in Derbyshire in June and is for one of Gemma’s long-term friends.

The pair have known each other for 26 years after meeting on holiday.

Gemma said all she wanted was to feel nice at the wedding because she will be reunited with people she hasn’t seen in years and now, thanks to two strangers, she has her wish.

She said: “I’ve realized it doesn’t matter what people say about how I look and what ex-partners have called me. Everyone deserves to feel beautiful.”

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