Storm Malik: How do storms get their names, since Storm Corrie is next?


Much of Scotland is facing strong gusts as Storm Malik causes chaos this Saturday.

Unsettled weather conditions will continue as the Met Office has issued a new weather warning with ‘Storm Corrie’ on the way.

Winds of up to 80 mph have wreaked havoc across the country this morning and into the afternoon.

Malik may be the first to hit Scotland this year, but Storm Corrie is just around the corner and more storms are forecast through 2022.

The Met Office has a full list of storm names for the current storm season, which runs through the end of August this year.

But have you ever wondered how these storms are named?

How do storms get their names?

The Met Office names storms in association with Ireland’s Met Eireann and the Netherlands’ KNMI meteorological service.

The process of naming Stormed in the UK began in 2014, with the Met Office following the process as America.

A car is seen passing by fallen trees
The gusts have caused chaos across the country today.

It was hoped that naming major storms would make people more aware of them and how dangerous they can be with named storms being easier to report.

Each name also makes it easier to follow the storm.

The list of names is partially generated from suggestions submitted by the public, and the Met Office says it is happy for people to submit suggestions via email or send them through social media.

Over 10,000 submissions were made by UK audiences when the current list was formed, and the names selected reflected some of the most popular choices, as well as some of the poignant reasons behind the nominations.

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According to the Met Office, the names chosen reflect the diversity of the UK, Ireland and the Netherlands.

However, hints beginning with Q, U, X, Y, or Z will never be used.

The name Storm Logan, a name of Scottish origin, was proposed by several parents and grandparents, including mention of a grandson who ‘runs through the house like a tornado’ and one who is ‘as fast as lightning’ when playing goalie. . .

Complete list of storm names from the Met Office.
Complete list of Met Office storm names: Through the end of August 2022

The UK storm naming process works in alphabetical order.

However, if a storm hits another country first, they will name it and the UK will use that title, even if this is not in line with the alphabetizing process.

Storm Malik, who was first named in Denmark with the UK using this name despite ‘C’ being next in the alphabet.

The latest named storms were Storm Arwen and Storm Barra, which hit Scotland late last year.

The next storm that is due is named Corrie in keeping with the tradition of alphabetical order.

Storms will be named by the group when they are deemed to cause “medium” or “high” impacts in the UK, Ireland or the Netherlands.

In addition to high winds, impacts from rain and snow will also be considered in the naming process.

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