Storm Barra: Ferocious winds threaten UK with blizzards, tornadoes and heavy snow

Brits have been warned to stay away from the sea and to keep safe as Storm Barra sweeps across the country, bringing with it rain, snow and furiously fast winds

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Storm Barra: Streets flooded in Ireland as storm strikes UK

Heavy snow is poised to fall on hundreds of homeowners stilled living in darkness ten days on as the Met Office warns of a “danger to life”.

A band of snow is due to whip across the North and Scotland today, with ferocious winds threatening to turn it into a blizzard in the far north.

Some areas could even be hit by tornadoes, the Met Office has warned.

Meteorologists said gaps in the forecasted bands of intense rain and gales could lead to some rotation of weak funnel clouds or tornadoes.

The first early effects of the ferocious Storm Barra have already been felt across the UK and Ireland this morning, with gusty winds and heavy rainfall battering communities already enduring days-long power outages.

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Snowfall has hit Northumberland this morning amid a Met Office weather warning


North News & Pictures)

A married couple in Rossendale, Lancashire were left terrified when a tree toppled onto their roof this morning.

Louise and Darren Hodgson were in bed when they were woken by the loud noise.

The pair looked out the window and saw the huge eucalyptus come down.

Scared Louise, 49, said: “We could hear a cyclone type of noise. We thought it was snow and ice coming off the roof.”

She made Darren, 52, check first what was happening outside their house.

She added: “It happened in slow motion. It fell really slowly.

Kenmare Sound Bridge in County Kerry was flooded last night


Garda Traffic)

Louise and Darren had a tree fall onto their roof


Triangle News)

“My husband watched it happen, but there was nothing we could do with a big tree like that.

“Then all we could see was branches in the window. I was just shocked. I was gobsmacked.”

The Met Office announced its yellow wind warning came into force from 9am on Tuesday, warning that disruption on the travel network is likely as the weather front makes its way East.

The weather forecaster warned of a small chance of a “danger to life” in some parts due to the conditions.

There are yellow warnings for wind in place across England, Wales, and Northern Ireland, while yellow snow warnings cover southern and western Scotland.

Waves batter the seafront of Teignmouth, Devon early this morning



Nicola Maxey, a forecaster at the Met Office, told The Mirror: “The weather set up could be conducive to tornado formations.

“We get a lot of tornadoes in the UK. We have more tornadoes per-sq mile than the US, but they’re just very tiny, transitory formations. They last for a few minutes.

“The snow warning come into force at 11am today and runs until midnight. We saw a bit of snow in Northern Ireland first thing this morning.

“We are not expecting to see much at lower levels, we had 1cm in Aberdeenshire at 9am this morning.

“There will be a bit of snow over the highlands of North Wales as well as western Scotland. It will push eastwards as the day goes on. It is going to be a blustery wet and windy day today.”

Today is going to be a blustery one



Massive waves waves could lash the coast coastal while wild winds whip street furniture and beach material into the air.

Those living near the sea have been warned to stay safe and stay away from the formidable swell.

Gusts of 67mph have already been recorded in the Isles of Scilly, off the far south-west coast of England, as Storm Barra moves its way in from the west.

There were also 70mph gusts on Sherkin Island, south-west of Co Cork in Ireland.

Parts and Southern and West Ireland are on red alert today.

Met Eireann, the Irish weather service, has warned that disruption to travel and the power supply are likely, while coastal flooding is expected.

A woman in Perrystown, South Dublin awoke this morning to find her trampoline flipped upside down in the storm.

The trampoline was toppled in the wind


Carmel McCartney)

There is expected to be further misery for homeowners still without power after Barra’s predecessor, Storm Arwen, left hundreds of households in the north-east of England without electricity.

Northern Powergrid said it was in “the final push” to reconnect the 500 customers who remain without power on Tuesday morning.

The combination of wind, rain and snow could mean more home owners are plunged into darkness today.

Heavy snowfall is expected across parts of Scotland and northern England from later on Tuesday, the Met Office said.

This will add to the significant amount of snow which has settled in Scotland.

Transport networks are likely to be affected by the storm


James Dadzitis / SWNS)

The Cairngorms has been covered in deep snow over the past week, with a climber having to be saved by a large team of rescue workers after he injured his leg in an avalanche.

While the west of Ireland will receive the worst of the storm on Tuesday, yellow wind warnings are in place across England, Wales and Northern Ireland.

The Environment Agency has issued 37 flood alerts and five warnings for England, while the Scottish Environment Protection Agency has four alerts and one warning in place and Natural Resources Wales has six alerts in place.

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