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Stephen Curry, at the time of launching the triple with which he tied Ray Allen's record during the Knicks-Warriors game.
Stephen Curry, at the time of launching the triple with which he tied Ray Allen’s record during the Knicks-Warriors game.

Stephen Curry savors the frenzy of the change of style of play that has caused in the NBA. It is the perfect mold to create the star cyber gamer of the latest generation of NBA video games. The Golden State Warriors guard, at the age of 33, has transformed his light body, 1.88 meters and 83 kilos, into a catapult with a fine-tuned point of view that has allowed him to send 2,977 of the 6,903 3-pointers to the basket. that accumulates in 13 seasons. Goodbye to the record of the stylish Ray Allen, the Californian forward of 1.96 meters and 92 kilos who, in 2014, about to turn 39, said goodbye after 18 seasons, leaving a trail of 2,973 triples scored.

Steph, Baby-Faced Assasin (The boy-faced killer), as he is nicknamed, sealed the new record in the basketball mecca at Madison Square Garden on Tuesday. He lacked a triple to equal Allen’s mark and added five of the 14 he tried in a game in which he scored 22 points and his team beat the Knicks 96-105.

Steve Kerr, Curry’s coach since 2014, describes how he varied his focus on whether a 3 is right or wrong. “There is a famous image where you see me with my hands on my head after the incredible shot he took in a game against the Clippers, where he dribbled four opponents and threw after turning on himself. It was a fundamental moment. I realized that I had to forget everything I had learned about what is a good shot and what is a bad shot. With Steph the old rules don’t count. You have to set a new standard in your own mind on what is a good shot and what is a bad shot. That shot was the maximum display of confidence and courage ”, says Kerr, who knows what he is talking about because in his playing stage, from 1988 to 2003, he obtained a 45.4% success rate in triples, a mark which is still the best on a list in which Curry is seventh, at 43.1%. Kerr influences the paradigm shift. “Although in my head I have all my Hall of Fame coaches, Phil Jackson, Pop (Gregg Popovich) … telling me: ‘What a bad shot! What a bad shot! ‘ I had to remove all those voices from my head and realize that this guy is different. Not only do I need to allow him to do it, I need to hold him. It gives us a dimension that terrifies our rivals ”.

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Curry, son of Sonia and Dell, a forward who also stood out as a shooter in the 16 seasons he played in the NBA from 1986 to 2002, embodies the change in style of play and the importance that outside shooting has acquired, to which they subscribe also the pivots. The triples were established in 1979. The player’s aim was rewarded and a more open game was favored. The rate of triples taken per team and game has increased in each of the last 10 seasons, going from 22.2 in 2010-2011 to 40.2 in the two months that have been played in this season, in which three teams shoot an average of over 40 triples per game: Utah (42.6), Minnesota (42) and Golden State (40.9).

The best illustration of how much the game has changed is the time it took Reggie Miller, Allen and Curry to break the record. Miller, who made his debut with the Indiana Pacers in 1987, took 1,389 games and 18 seasons to accumulate 2,560 3s. Allen, who debuted with Milwaukee in 1996, outscored Miller after 1,074 games and extended the record to 2,973 3-pointers after 18 seasons and 1,300 games. Curry has surpassed Allen’s mark in just 13 seasons and 789 games.

A model for all

Chris Paul, a 36-year-old point guard for the Phoenix Suns, believes that Curry’s influence is already visible in players who stand out in the league. “I’m involved in grassroots basketball and I watched Trae Young play. [base de 23 años de los Atlanta Hawks] when he was a teenager and you could already see that his style, with such distant releases, was influenced by Steph. You see the way the children throw and you recognize their influence ”.

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Curry is averaging 27 points, 5.6 rebounds and 6.3 assists this season. Used to competing for the maximum, with three titles and five finals between 2014 and 2019, MVP in 2015 and 2016 and top scorer in 2016, his goal is to return the Warriors to the finals. After the one they lost to Toronto in 2019, Kevin Durant left them to join the Nets and suffered a plague of injuries that left Klay Thompson without playing since then and Curry himself absent for most of the 2019-2020 season. The team concluded that campaign with the worst balance in the League: 15 victories and 50 defeats. Last season, the team’s performance improved. He finished eighth in the Western Conference but could not qualify for playoffs. This season they lead the Western Conference with 23 wins. “I didn’t want to call myself the best shooter until I had this record. Now I feel comfortable saying it, ”Steph says.

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