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Stephen Curry celebrates the triple with which he broke the record for triples in NBA history, during the game between the Knicks and the Warriors.
Stephen Curry celebrates the triple with which he broke the record for triples in NBA history, during the game between the Knicks and the Warriors.TO BEAUTIFUL (AFP)

Stephen Curry can tell already. The 32-year-old point guard, a light guy, 1.88 meters and 83 kilos, born in Akron (Ohio), in the same hospital as LeBron James, is since Tuesday the player who has scored the most triples in the history of the NBA. He lacked one to surpass the 2,973 that Ray Allen accumulated when he retired in 2014 and that remained the best mark. Curry added five in the game against the Knicks and now totals 2,977.

Steph, Baby-Faced Assasin (The murderer with the face of a child), as they nickname him, established himself with that brand in the basketball mecca, at Madison Square Garden, the place they dreamed of because it was impossible to square success with a game at the home of the Warriors, in the Chase Center in San Francisco. The occasion was propitious at Madison, against the Knicks. He lacked a triple to equal Ray Allen’s mark and scored it before the second minute of the game was up. It did not take much longer for him to score the second, with which he took the best mark in history. He put it in when barely four and a half minutes had passed. It was a front triple, beating Alec Burks’s marking. He put the 10-12 on the scoreboard.

The game stopped. The audience stood up and applauded Curry, congratulated one by one by his teammates, by all the components of the coaching staff, by Ray Allen, who witnessed the match, and by his parents, Sonia and Dell, an NBA player since 1986 to 2002. After the celebrations, the match continued and the Warriors won 96-105. Curry added 22 points, with 5 of 14 in triples, 3 rebounds and 3 assists.

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Curry surpasses the mark set by Ray Allen, one of the NBA’s best shooters, when he retired in 2014 after an 18-year career. It took Allen five more years and 511 more games than Curry to reach the 2,973 3-point mark that closed his career and was well ahead of his predecessor in first place, Reggie Miller. Curry’s success rate, 43.2%, is higher than Allen (40%) and Miller (39.4%). However, other players have better percentages, such as Steve Kerr, precisely the Warriors coach, with 45.4% at the forefront of that classification, followed by Hubert Davis, with 44.09%, and the brother of Stephen, Seth, with 44.01%, another active player, Joe Harris, with 43.9%, and the Croatian Drazen Petrovic who died in June 1993 and who averaged 43.47% in the four seasons he played. in the NBA.

LeBron James and Magic Johnson were among the many legendary players who congratulated Curry through social media. The Warriors point guard, after the game, said: “It’s crazy to think that one day I would get to play at this level after having grown up around the League, having seen my father play, having gone to see the games of the Hornets with my family and having dreamed of being a shooter, “confessed Curry. “Getting it here at Madison Square Garden against Ray Allen and Reggie Miller, with all that basketball means to me, is something special. And also having enjoyed the great support that I have received in this pavilion. I cannot express the honor I feel for the reaction of the fans here, away from home, and the admiration for the achievement. And obviously it’s great to have gotten the victory on top of all that. It has been a very, very special night, “concluded the player who made his league debut in 2009 after being chosen by Golden State in seventh place in the draft. He added: “I didn’t want to call myself the best shooter until I had this record. Now I feel like saying it. I am proud to shoot with a high percentage of success, that this allows us to win games and to have surpassed the mark that Ray established. I hope to increase this mark to a number that no one can reach ”.

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In his 13th season in the NBA, Curry is averaging 27 points, 5.6 rebounds and 6.3 assists. Used to competing for the maximum, with three titles and five finals between 2014 and 2019, MVP in 2015 and 2016 and top scorer in 2016, his goal is to return the Warriors to the race for the finals. After the final they lost to Toronto in 2019, Kevin Durant left them to join the Nets and they suffered a plague of injuries that left Klay Thompson without playing since then – he is now about to reappear – and Curry himself absent for almost all the 2019-2020 campaign. The team concluded that campaign with the worst balance in the League: 15 victories and 50 defeats. Last season, the team’s performance improved. He finished in eighth position in the Western Conference but could not qualify for the playoffs in the Play-in. This season, despite the losses of Klay Thompson and James Wiseman, number two of the draft In 2020, the Warriors lead the Western Conference with 23 wins, two more than the Phoenix Suns.

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