Stephen Breyer news latest: Biden stands by Black woman justice pledge as party outlines one month timetable


President Joe Biden speaks to reporters about Judge Breyer retiring

Supreme Court Justice Stephen Breyer is expected to announce his retirement, NBC News reported, which gives President Joe Biden an opportunity to replace one of the court’s three liberals and maintain the balance of the court.

Mr Breyer, who is 83 years old, is one of the high court’s three liberals. Democrats hoped he would withdraw while they hold the majority in the Senate before the 2022 midterm elections, since Republicans are expected to win the majority.

In response to shouted questions from the press, President Joe Biden said: “Every justice has the right to decide what he or she is going to do and announce it on their own… There has been no announcement from Justice Breyer. Let him make whatever statement he’s going to make and I’ll be happy to talk about later.”

The White House says the president will stick by his commitment to nominate a Black woman to the court, and Senate Majority Leader Schumer will seek a quick one-month turnaround on the appointment.


McConnell will weigh in later

Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell is not saying much about the news of Justice Breyer’s retirement.

He told reporters in Kentucky that he will weigh in on the topic when the retirement is officially announced.

Oliver O’Connell26 January 2022 21:10


Oliver O’Connell26 January 2022 21:03


Breyer ‘surprised’ by today’s events

Justice Breyer had decided by himself to retire and an announcement was due soon, but reports say someone jumped the gun and he was surprised by how today he played out.

Oliver O’Connell26 January 2022 20:55


Senator Collins open to working with Democrats to replace Breyer

Senator Susan Collins of Maine has signaled an openness to working with Democrats to replace Justice Stephen Breyer.

Senator Collins says she spoke today with Senate Judiciary Chair Dick Durbin about the potential confirmation process.

“Justice Breyer has had a distinguished career, including his many years on the Supreme Court. I am grateful for his integrity, devotion to the Judiciary, and exceptional commitment to public service,” she said.

Oliver O’Connell26 January 2022 20:44


Grassley waiting to hear from Breyer directly

Senator Chuck Grassley, the Republican ranking member of the Senate Judiciary Committee, is being a little more hesitant to most, but notes he Justice holds Breyer in high regard.

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Fox News pushes theory that Kamala Harris could be appointed to Supreme Court

Oliver O’Connell26 January 2022 20:31


Cornyn says he hopes Biden will not cave to ‘radical left’

Republican Senator and Senate Judiciary Committee member John Cornyn of Texas says: ”There will be immense pressure from the radical left to replace Justice Breyer with a partisan who will legislate from the bench, and I hope President Biden will not cave to their demands the way he has on nearly everything else over the past year.”

He continues: “President Biden should honor the legacy of Justice Breyer and nominate another experienced jurist who respects the current structure and limited role of the Supreme Court.”

“Whoever the President nominates will be treated fairly and with the dignity and respect someone of his or her caliber deserves, something not afforded to Justice Kavanaugh and other Republican nominees in the past.”

Oliver O’Connell26 January 2022 20:24


Psaki: Biden will stand by pledge

White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki said President Joe Biden will fulfill his campaign pledge to nominate a Black woman to the Supreme Court amid reports that Justice Stephen Breyer will retire.

Oliver O’Connell26 January 2022 20:20


Voices: Breyer accepted what RBG couldn’t — time for Biden to keep his promise

Michael Arceneaux writes that the president said he’d put the first Black woman on the Court during his candidacy. Considering his recent failure on voting rights, it’s important to remind him of that now.

Oliver O’Connell26 January 2022 20:09


Biden ‘stands by’ promise to elect Black woman to Supreme Court, says White House

Oliver O’Connell26 January 2022 20:02


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