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The Minister of Justice of the Government of Spain assumes that the disqualification will arrive in two months, with the indictment for rebellion.

The Minister of Justice of the Government of Spain, Rafael Catalá, take for granted that Carles Puigdemont and the Government charges in prison or in Belgium will be in spring disqualified from holding public office, once the Supreme Court judge Pablo Llarena issues an indictment for rebellion.

In statements to Antena 3, Catalá explained that, after Llarena signs the indictment within two months, and before there is a final sentence “for the fall or the end of the year,” the Criminal Procedure Law (LECrim) establishes that, in crimes such as rebellion, the defendants “are removed from the scene of public representation, and from exercising political activities.”

In this way, article 384 bis of the LECrim would automatically apply, which states that “sign an indictment and decreed provisional imprisonment for a crime committed by a person integrated or related to armed gangs or terrorist or rebel individuals, the accused who is holding public office or function will be automatically suspended in the exercise of the same, while the prison situation lasts. “

Putting “the clock ticking” again

Asked about the situation in Catalonia, Catalá has assured that “the clock has to be put back on track”, so that within a maximum period of two months there is an investiture or the calling of new elections, because it cannot be maintained “sine die “the current situation.

The minister trusts that the report of the lawyers of the Parliament unblocks the political “limbo” in Catalonia, since the procedures are established so that “things happen”.

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“What has happened in Catalonia has to lead to the starting of the clock, so that in two months there will be an investiture or new elections; we can’t be in permanent limbo, in this situation, sine die “, has emphasized the head of Justice, convinced that it is the will of all Catalans.

Regarding the messages sent by Carles Puigdemont to Antoni Comín in which he affirms, regarding the independence process, “this is over. Ours have sacrificed us”, or “the Moncloa plan triumphs”, Catalá has assured that it does not exist no strategy, and that is his way of speaking to refer to the decisions of Justice.

“Nothing will ever be the same in Catalonia”

“It is not the Moncloa plan, it is the rule of law,” said the Minister of Justice, who sees the legal actions that Comín has announced to take for the disclosure of the conversation via mobile phone with Puigdemont.

In Catalá’s opinion, what is clear is that “nothing will ever be the same again” in Catalonia, and that the decisions of the president of the Parliament, Roger Torrent, indicate that “he wants a different path” from that followed by his predecessor, Carme Forcadell .

The minister has denied that there are “secret pacts” outside the rules of the game, as some media have pointed out regarding maneuvers by the vice president of the Executive, Soraya Saénz de Santamaría, so that Oriol Junqueras, in prison for three months , assumed the presidency.

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