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He claims that 155 is not legal and will fight to return “normally” from Belgium, as he considers that he has not violated any law.


The President of the Generalitat, Carles Puigdemont, has admitted this Wednesday that his Government made a “wrong analysis” of the situation in Catalonia since he thought that at some point the central government would open to negotiate with the Government and its sovereign roadmap, and this has not happened.

He has said this in an interview with Punt Avui Televisi√≥ from Brussels, where he has stated that he also thought that the European Union and NATO would control the “authoritarian drive” of the State against Catalonia, and it has concluded that this has not been the case either.

Puigdemont has predicted that, if his Government had continued with the implementation of the Catalan Republic there would have been a “second wave of violence” by the State after the charges on October 1, and has affirmed that its Executive was opposed to this scenario.

About his appearance before the Belgian judge on Friday for you to decide on your possible extradition, Puigdemont has pointed out the “professionalism and independence” of the justice of this country -unlike the Spanish, in his opinion-, and has recalled that any decision he makes may be appealed.

The president has also affirmed that the application of article 155 is not legal, and has assured that, after submitting to the Belgian justice, he trusts that one day he will be able to return home “normally” since he considers that has not broken any law.

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Criticisms of the king

He has criticized the King for the speech he made on October 3 after the referendum in Catalonia, and has assured that the monarch adopted the position of the PP when, in his opinion, it should have been neutral: “He has disappointed many people from within and from out of state “.

He has predicted that the King’s position will have consequences in the long term but also in the short term, such as that the Catalans have moved away from him: “He is no longer the King of the majority of Catalans despite the fact that we continue to pay him generously. “.

Unified list

Puigdemont feels “disappointed” that the independentistas have not been able to close a unitary list for the December 21 elections, and has assured that he will lead Junts per Catalunya in a candidacy with numerous independents.

He has defended that the “Government that is in jail -and the one that is in Brussels- is the legitimate Government of Catalonia and must continue to be so”, although he has specified that he does not have to necessarily return to be president of the Generalitat if his list It is not the most voted among sovereign candidates.

He has demanded that the central government commit itself that the December 21 elections be held with total normality, and has warned that it would be a “democratic anomaly” if, if they win certain options, the winners could not take office because they are or in Brussels or in jail.

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Puigdemont explained that, when he contemplated renouncing the declaration of independence and calling elections, he asked the State to accept certain conditions that it did not want, such as requesting the withdrawal of the special Police and Civil Guard device, not applying 155 and that there were no people related to the sovereign process in jail.

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