Starbucks customers can get FREE drinks – and here’s how

Many of us love nothing more than the occasional Starbucks on the commute to work or when passing the drive thru. And while we’d all like to save money and make up a flask in the morning, we all know a brew tastes better when you’ve not had to make it yourself.

But, there are a few ways you can save a couple of quid on your regular coffee, or get a bonus beverage during your trip.

In fact, there’s more than one way to bag a freebie at Starbucks, including taking advantage of their loyalty card scheme, and bagging birthday bonuses. So, on your next Starbucks visit, here’s how you can get a free drink:

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Free refill on filter coffee

Customers who buy a filter coffee at a participating Starbucks can enjoy a tall refill on the house.

A filter coffee costs £1.55, and dine-in customers can take their mug back up to the counter to redeem their refill from the barista.

How to get a free coffee at Starbucks

Starbucks explains: “Once you leave the store, your visit has ended and any subsequent coffee refill thereafter would be considered a new purchase.”

birthday drinks

This one only applies to customers who have the Starbucks Reward Card and have achieved Gold status, meaning that over time, they’ve collected 450 stars – a cumulative spend of £150.

But for those who do enjoy a regular Starbies, this can be easily done, earning three stars for every £1 spent.

Those celebrating their birthday can benefit from a free drink, within 30 days of their birthday. Starbucks said: “The award of a coupon on your birthday entitles you to a Free Drink Reward of your choice at participating UK Starbucks stores. This coupon will remain valid for 30 days from the date of issue, at which point it will expire if not redeemed.”

Free refills for members

Much like the filter coffee refills, Starbucks Card members and app users can take advantage of a free refill – but have a little more leeway in choice. At participating stores, customers can get free refills of brewed coffee, including hot, iced or Cold Brew, or tea, also hot or iced.

These refills must be during the same store visit, as once you leave the store, any subsequent coffee or tea refill would be considered a new purchase. While non-members may not be able to get a free drink in this way, they can purchase a refill at a reduced price.

Earn points for free drinks

As previously mentioned, Starbucks card holders can earn three stars for every £1 spent, and can cop a free drink every time they hit 150 stars.

Then, when you graduate from being a green member to a gold member, there are even more freebies unlocked, including free syrups added to your chosen beverage, or extra shots of espresso on the house.

The limited edition Forget-Me-Not Frappuccino from Starbucks
The limited edition Forget-Me-Not Frappuccino from Starbucks

Shoppers can also top their beverage with whipped cream for free, and can mix and match these customizations without paying an extra penny. And while this one isn’t a freebie, if you take your own cup to Starbucks, you can get 25p knocked off the price of your drink.

Their latest limited edition drink the Forget-Me-Not Frappuccino actually comes served in a reusable cup in a bid to reduce single use plastics.

The Frappuccino consists of ‘sweet orange with creamy vanilla notes’, topped with an orange and vanilla whip. The limited edition beverage is served in a colorful cup that can get you money off your future orders.

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