Stacey Solomon in kitchen row with fiancé Joe Swash after sharing how daughter is just like them

Stacey Solomon has put a ban on Joe Swash when it comes to the kitchen – and he’s not happy about it. The Loose Women star took to Instagram to share a video of the pair in a disagreement over the room in their dream home, sweetly named Pickle Cottage.

The family home, which they brought into Essex last year, has been undergoing plenty of renovations with Stacey sharing regular updates as well as her own handy work as she gets stuck into making the property perfect for her, Joe and their children.

But there is just one rule Joe isn’t on board with – not being allowed to use their new dishwasher until the kitchen is complete. The former EastEnders star clearly had the hump as he washed the pots on Easter Sunday.

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Stacey, 32, wanted the family to avoid using the new equipment for a few days to “keep it new” – much to hubby-to-be Joe’s annoyance as seen in the video’s the bride-to-be shared to her Instagram Story with her millions of followers. She captioned the video: “Joe’s loosing [sic] it because I don’t want to use anything in the kitchen until it’s fully finished.”

Joe, 40, can be heard in the background saying: “It’s like living in a kitchen showroom where you’re not allowed to sit on anything,” as Stacey smirks at the camera before explaining: “It’s not finished yet and I don’ t want to use it until it’s finished.”

He hit back: “Who cares if we used the dishwasher?” before his wife-to-be de ella explained she just ‘wanted it to be new’ with a giggle. Still not having any of it, Joe added: “No-one opens the dishwasher and goes ‘oh well that’s not new, the dishwasher’s been used’.”

Joe was not impressed

Stacey tried to argue that it’ll quickly get full of food in the filters and tried to compromise, saying: “When it’s finished we’ll do like a couple of days and then I’ll let us use it.”

“I will know,” Stacey insisted as the debate continued. Stacey changed the video caption to ask: “Please tell me I’m not the only person like this… I just want it to be fully finished and nice and untouched for a couple of days and then use it… Why am I like this?

And her loyal following gave her more ammunition as she went on to share a number of comments from users on her side and commented: “I actually love you lot so so much. Your messages make my day.”

Stacey got her followers support as she checked out her new kitchen appliance

Stacey then told the camera while perched next to the shiny kitchen appliance: “I’m so happy I’m not the only person like this. Look at that, all shiny and clean. I just want her to settle in with us before she has to come to the harsh reality of living with five kids and Joe Swash.”

It came after the TV star put on an Easter egg hunt in the garden of their sprawling home for the couple’s son Rex, two, and Stacey’s son Leighton. The family later tucked into a delicious roast and Stacey shared just how much baby daughter Rose is just like her de ella and Joe.

Baby Rose tucked in to her first roast

The mum-of-four posted a video of the six-month-old sat in her high-chair alongside Eric Carmen track Hungry Eyes made famous in the iconic film Dirty Dancing. “Rose’s first roast,” she captioned the video before zooming in on her little girl feeding herself with her hands.

“Rose inhaling her first roast dinner like a true Solomon-Swash,” Sracyed adding across the video as the little girl happily tucked in as her mum zoomed in to show her eating habits.

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