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Spider-Man: No Way Home It has been a relief for movie theaters. Since its premiere last Thursday in Spain, it has raised 9.3 million euros, of which 7 million were obtained during the weekend. According to Comscore, the company that audits the box office, last Friday, Saturday and Sunday 1.4 million Spaniards went to the cinema (on Saturday they reached 500,000), a number of spectators that had not been reached since January 2020, just before the pandemic. Previous releases in Spain of other superhero films, such as Venom: there will be carnage (which also hails from the Spider-Man world) and Eternals, They did not even come close to those figures: respectively they started with 3,263,000 euros (on October 15) and with 2,586,062 euros (on November 5).

In the United States, the box office has reached so far that it has become the third best premiere in the history of that territory —in the cinema, the box office does not go by countries but by territories, and in that case the United States and Canada are grouped together— with a collection of 224 million euros (253 million dollars). It has only been behind the launches of Avengers: Endgame (2019), which raised $ 357.1 million at its startup, and Avengers: Infinity War (2018), which achieved $ 257.7 million. Spider-Man: No Way Home it has surpassed any analyst forecast. Added to the 60 markets, and the more than 38,900 screens, in which it was released last weekend, it has raised 587.2 million dollars in five days (in some territories it started on Wednesday). And it accumulates more records: it is the sixth film in history to exceed 500 million dollars during its theatrical debut (the first in the pandemic) and it is the best opening weekend for Sony.

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Worldwide, the third installment in which Spider-Man is played by Tom Holland has not left room for other titles. In the US, the total box office was 275.3 million, of which 253 came from this title. In Spain, the second grossing film has been another premiere, the comedy Mom or dad which has raised 490,000 euros. The data that clarifies the success of Spider-Man: No Way Home resides in that she alone has entered 80% of everything won in Spanish theaters last weekend.

Venom: there will be carnage has accumulated 8.8 million euros, so Spider-Man 3 It is not yet the highest grossing film of 2021 in Spain, although it will do so next week. In the United States, it has beaten that mark and has also claimed a collateral victim: The alley of lost souls by Guillermo del Toro when we have the information. This film also opened this weekend, but enters a disappointing fifth position in the ranking box office with only 2.66 million euros; For this reason, as can be seen in the complaints of many viewers on Twitter, the US theaters are removing it from the screens and instead are programming more Spider-Man shows, thus returning the money from the pre-sales made to viewers. for the Del Toro film for this week that starts. To Spain The alley of lost souls It will arrive on January 28, 2022.

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In Spain, Avengers: Endgame It was screened at its start on 40% of the cinema screens that existed in April 2019 (it could be seen in more than 1,400), and during its first weekend it earned 10.2 million euros (it was 75% of the total of all films), surpassing the previous mark of the last installment of TwilightDawn Part 2) it went up to 9.2 million euros in Spain in November 2012— and reaching, with the previous Thursday, 12.2 million euros at the box office.

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Spider-Man: No Way Home, by Jon Watts, takes place within the Marvel universe, like the two previous installments, thanks to the fact that its protagonist, Tom Holland, supported by millions of fans, managed to get them to sign the paces Sony (owner of the rights to Spider-Man in cinema) and the Marvel studio. It has returned theaters to pre-pandemic times and underlines the strength at the box office (at least in the Spanish and the American, since in Germany and France until two weeks ago there were viewers as in 2019) of Marvel films. Although there are exceptions, and Marvel / Disney is still having another bad start, that of Eternals, which in Spain has 7.2 million euros after six weeks on the bill.


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