Special evening “Herri Txiki, Zirku Handi” on Christmas Eve, December 24th.

Mikel Pagadi and Zuhaitz Gurrutxaga will invite athletes, bertsolaris, dressmakers, well-known EITB faces, circus artists and many other friends to sing.

ETB1 Y eitb.eus will offer the night of December 24 the special evening “Small Town, Big Circus” from the spectacular tent of Gure Zirkua, the first traveling Basque circus. Conducted by Mikel Pagadi Y Tree Gurrutxaga, the Christmas program will feature the participation of many well-known faces of our society, who will go out on the circus ring to sing traditional and current songs.

The artists of the popular Our Circus will be in charge of starting the show with a particular version of the classic “Last Christmas”. Next, they will arrive, among many others, Xabier and Kristina Solano; and the performances of seamstresses Basques; cyclists; Y olympic athletes, with Maialen Chourraut at the helm.

In addition, on stage the girls from the Basque soccer teams they will perform the songs together “What to be” Y “You burned”. The and the pentathlon athletes they will dance to the joyous song “Party Party”; while the Donostia Rowing Team t-shirts they will dare to the melody of the song “It’s back”.

The quartet formed by Garbiñe Biurrun, Eli Garmendia, Arantzazu Loidi and Itziar Aizpuru the acquaintance will sing “Where is the time left” scored by Mikel Urdangarin. It will be especially moving the tribute that will render the recently deceased Panpi Ladutx the bertsolaris Lizaso y Peñagarikano together to the pelotaris Artola and Laso. And the performance of the basket pointers who played in the closed frontón Denmark Jai Alai from Florida.

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And of course, many of the known EITB faces They will also be present in the Christmas program. The song “New opportunities” will come from the hand of Xabier Usabiaga, Nerea Reparaz, Jonan Apaolaza, Lierni Agirrezabala and Xabier Ormazabal. On the other hand, Joseina Etxeberria, Ilaski Serrano and Ainhoa ​​Urretabizkaia will offer the successes “Because the winter is gone”, “EH Fever” e “See you”. Micro in hand we will see Nahia Valencia, Iker Babio, Eider Alonso and Eneko Van Horenbeke from the adventure reality show “El Conquistador”.

To end the party, everyone will fill the circus ring again to sing the Basque Christmas carol together “Come come”.

Special Videos

In addition to the songs, the program will feature special videos and many surprises. Contestants from “Farmhouse” they will prepare a funny parody of the theme “Summer night” of the movie Grease. Pagadi will meet with Real and Athletic players to test his circus skills. In addition, the group Confectionery turns 30, and Zuhaitz Gurrutxaga will take the opportunity to play a piece with the members of the group. The and the members of the Basque Parliament they will not want to miss the event either, and they will dare to the melody of “How beautiful it will be” de Zetak.

The Christmas special “Herri Txiki, Zirku Handi” this Christmas Eve starting at 11:15 pm, on ETB1 and eitb.eus.


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