Sortu: The ‘abertzale’ left supports the former head of ETA Mikel Antza upon his arrival in court | Spain

The magistrate of the Central Court of Instruction number 1 of the National Court, Alejandro Abascal, has withdrawn the passport of the former head of ETA Mikel Albisu, Mikel Antza, when considering “reliable and credible incidentally” his relationship with the murder of the deputy mayor of San Sebastián Gregorio Ordóñez (PP) on January 23, 1995. Antza, who belonged to the organization’s leadership in those years, has appeared by videoconference from the San Sebastián courts for his alleged involvement in that crime. Although he will remain at liberty, he will not be able to leave Spain and must notify a fixed address to receive notifications, given the “possibility” that he may decide to evade the action of justice due “to the high penalties that may be derived” from proving his participation.

Sortu has shown this Tuesday his “support and solidarity” to the former head of ETA. Around thirty members of the formation and prominent figures from the left nationalist They have gone to court to accompany him: among them, the member of the National Council of Sortu, Aimar Altuna, and others prosecuted for their relationship with the band such as Rufi Etxeberria, or José María Olarra. In addition, characters such as Reyes Carrere and Iñaki Alegría have entertained him with their presence. They have received him with a banner that read: “Solution and peace”(” Solution and peace ”) and“Mikel Albisu with us”(” Mikel Albisu with us ”).

The ex number one ETA Mikel Antza was released in January 2019 after being handed over by France to Spain. The former leader of the political apparatus of the terrorist gang had served 15 years in prison, out of the 20 years of the sentence that had been imposed on him in France. In January 2019, Antza left the French prison of Réau, although he was held in the French capital until it was clear how his expulsion order was carried out.

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The former ETA leader was arrested in 2004 by the French police on a farm in Salies-de-Béarn (southern France) where he was hiding with his sentimental partner, Marixol Iparragirre, Anboto, another historical leader of the organization. Albisu was considered responsible for the political apparatus of the gang.

Albisu has appeared at the request of the judge of the National Court Alejandro Abascal for his alleged participation in the crime of the popular leader, but he has availed himself of his right not to testify. The head of the Central Court of Instruction number 1 authorized Albisu, accompanied by his lawyer, Aiert Larrarte, to appear by videoconference from the San Sebastian courts. The judge has accepted the request of the Dignidad y Justicia association that demanded that he be forbidden to leave Spain after appreciating a “very high” risk of flight.

Aimar Altuna explained that the objective of his presence is to denounce the accusation of Mikel Albisu and show him his “solidarity and support.” “Today, 10 years after Aiete’s declaration, the pro-independence left has taken steps, is taking steps and will continue to take steps towards peace, coexistence and for a democratic solution to the conflict we have with the State,” said the member of the Sortu management. Altuna said this Tuesday morning: “We say it loud and clear. In this town, peace, coexistence and a solution need Mikel to be with us so that, together, we can build a people that can live in peace and freedom ”, he added.

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