Son who murdered his own dad shows no emotion as he’s jailed for life

A son who killed who’s own father in a fatal street attack carried no emotion in his face as he was jailed for life today.

A key witness saw Neil Badrock, kick his dad Neil Farrington as he lay lifeless on the ground, whilst shouting “I will f***ing kill you” as he continued to assault him.

The vicious attack only came to an end when police arrived on the scene and discovered the 28-year-old still kicking his dad in the head, while shouting: “What do you think about that?”

Badrock pleaded guilty to a manslaughter after admitting he head-butted Mr Farrington to the ground, then punched and kicked him, because he was “angry” but said he never intended to kill or seriously harm his victim.

Neil Badrock was caged for 19 years at court for murdering his dad Neil Farrington
Neil Badrock was caged for 19 years at court for murdering his dad Neil Farrington

However, a jury unanimously found him guilty of murder after six hours and 20 minutes of deliberation, following a four-day trial, at Liverpool Crown Court.

Family members sat in the public gallery cried as Badrock, from Kirkby, walked silently down to the cells after being told he would serve a minimum term of 19 years. according to Liverpool Echo.

51-year-old Farrington’s brother James had earlier described how his panic after initially being told about the attack turned to disbelief after realizing it was his nephew who had carried out the brutal assault.

He said Badrock’s actions in the aftermath of his sickening attack had only worsened the family’s pain.

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James Farrington said: “He is a complete coward in my book.

“The silence from him since the attack has at times been deafening.”

51-year-old Farrington was killed by his son Neil in a street attack
51-year-old Farrington was killed by his son Neil in a street attack

Benjamin Myers, QC, defending, said the “familial nature” of the attack was shocking and pointed to a lack of intent to kill and a lack of premeditation as the main mitigating factors in the case.

He said: “We submit that an attempt to do really serious harm [rather than kill] appears to be the overall thrust of the intent.

“If that is right it may afford a small amount of mitigation.

“We also submit that there was a lack of premeditation.”

Mr Myers also pointed to Badrock’s lack of previous convictions.

The judge, David Aubrey, QC, said he accepted Badrock had not intended to kill his father but said his behavior throughout the entirety of the attack showed he did not care about his survival either.

He said: “He was in no position whatsoever to defend himself and I am satisfied that you had a complete indifference towards the outcome for an utterly defenceless victim on the ground.”

Referring to evidence heard during the trial, Judge Aubrey said Mr Farrington may have grabbed his son by the neck briefly at some point before Badrock launched his attack but said he had then backed away and that this did nothing to explain what happened next.

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He said: “I am satisfied that whatever your father did it was not a provocative act and he bears no responsibility for the outcome.”

Judge Aubrey said the “prolonged and brutal” nature of the attack was shocking and jailed Badrock for 19 years.

Speaking after the sentencing hearing, Mr Farrington’s family released a statement saying they will never forgive Badrock for what he did.

They said: “This past week has been especially harrowing and heart breaking for my whole family as each day we have had to sit through Neil Badrock’s trial for the cowardly, brutal and totally senseless murder of his own father and our much loved and much missed brother Neil Farrington.

“We will never forgive Neil Badrock for taking our brother from us in this way and for the devastation and heartbreak he has brought to all our lives.

“We would like to thank the team at Merseyside Police for their fantastic support throughout. From 17 May 2021 when the attack happened right through to the guilty verdict today their professionalism and compassion has shone through.

“We would also like to thank the many members of the Kirkby community who came forward with valuable information and testimonies to help us secure justice. Life will never be the same for any of our family but today’s verdict will help us a little as we try to rebuild our lives.”

Detective Superintendent Helen Bennett said she hoped the end of court proceedings would allow the family some closure.

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DSI Bennett said: “Neil’s family have struggled to come to terms, not only with his death, but in the manner in which he died and the subsequent arrest of his son.

“Their devastation has been further compounded by having to hear the graphic details of what happened that night played out in a courtroom.

“I hope that today’s verdict will give them some sense of closure and allow them to finally move on and grieving the loss of a loved one.

“Neil Badrock will now spend a considerable period of time behind bars reflecting on the consequences of his actions on that night.”

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