Snow is possible ahead of a chilly week with low temperatures

A weather forecaster has predicted there could well be snow this week as Brits brace themselves for yet more bad weather. Several different parts of the country could see snow

No warnings are in place yet, but one forecaster is predicting snow

Brits could be set for a chilly blast of snow this week as arctic temperatures loom.

Forecasts according to WX Charts predicted that a large helping of snow could sweep across parts of the country towards the back end of this week. The bad weather could be a final cold snap before things begin to heat up ahead of proper spring.

More than 20cm of snow could fall in the Midlands with flurries expected on the south coast too.

The March temperatures are already proving to be cold, with northern Scotland experiencing chills of around -7C last night.

The heavy snow is expected to arrive along with strong winds that could mean more nasty weather for Brits this year.

The UK has seen a number of storms this year, including Dudley and Eunice which brought a rare red weather warning, and many Brits will be happy to see the back of the bad weather.

When will there be snow?

Snow this week is possible as temperatures remain chilly this week


Katielee Arrowsmith (SWNS)

Snow is predicted for Friday, March 11 and will likely come amid an unusually cold March week for Brits.

Despite spring having officially started, an area of ​​low pressure will blow in on Wednesday, throwing a thick blanket over certain parts of the UK later on in the week.

Over Saturday night, there are light winds and frost predicted in the west and minimum temperatures of -3C foreseen in Edinburgh.

The Met forecast said: “As we move through the period there will be an increased likelihood of spells of rain, potentially preceded by snow, arriving from the west. Winds will likely strengthen through midweek with an increasing likelihood of coastal Wales.”

There are currently no weather warnings in place issued by the Met Office for the course of this week.

Where will there be snow?

Wales, Scotland and the Midlands may see snow this week


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Any snow that could fall on Saturday is expected to cover parts of Wales and Scotland in the evening

Snow is also predicted in the Midlands and Wales the following week on the night of Friday March 18 and over to Saturday morning.

It could be the last chance for snow as the country warms up going into the summer months, though this is not guaranteed. However, milder weather is expected for the rest of the month.

The Met Office said of the period from Friday 11 to Sunday 20 that temperatures are expected to be “mostly near normal to rather mild, though feeling colder in the wind”.

It said: “Through the rest of the period, frontal systems push eastwards which are likely to bring strengthening winds and rain.

“The main impacts are likely to be from heavy rain and Wales during this time. Clearer weather, with showers, possibly wintry, may reach all areas by the end of this period.”

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