Smithsonian Folklife Festival: the Basque economy opens up possible businesses


Smithsonian Folklife Festival

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The counselor Arantza Tapia, who is at the Smithsonian Folklife festival, highlights the interest generated by various Basque rehearsal platforms and by the aeronautical sector of the CAV.


The contacts from economic character held in the last days in Washington between companies and Basque authorities with local entities have opened “opportunities” in the energy sector, in the opinion of the Minister of Economic Development and Competitiveness, Arantza Tapia.

Taking stock in Washington of the economic agenda developed by the Basque Government, the Provincial Councils and Basque companies in the North American capital, where Euskadi participates as a guest region in the festival de las Culturas Smithsonian Folklife Festival, the counselor has valued the contacts maintained between agents that operate in the energy sector.

As he explained to journalists, in the US they are considering the gas as “an element of transition” from an economy based on oil to an economy based on renewable energy. He has indicated that there is interest in the country test platforms such as the Bimep offshore wave energy research plant, located in Armintza, in the municipality of the Biscayan town of Lemoiz.

The platform, the first in the State located offshore with connection to the electricity grid, is intended for private companies to test their devices designed to take advantage of wave energy and transform it into electricity.

Public tender in the United States

According to the counselor, the North Americans are interested in plants such as Armintza, in which they can work “products related to the energy of the sea” and they intend to implant in their country an installation like the one mentioned. Tapia has specified that for this purpose there will be a public tender in the US and that Basque companies have the possibility of contacting the universities that can apply for the project to collaborate in it.

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In his opinion, the fact that in the US “they consider us an experience to take into account” and that there is an option to “provide knowledge” is “important”. As he said, the meeting on this matter is one of those held by Basque companies in which there has been “something more tangible. Here we can participate and we can work,” he assured.

Contacts in the aeronautical sector

The counselor also highlighted the contacts made in the North American capital in the aeronautical sector. As he has indicated, the companies Aernova and Egamaster have held a meeting with representatives of the Association of aerospace industries of the USA, in which they showed their intention to receive them “with open arms” if they really produced in the way that a presentation video of your activity.

Aernova has also held a meeting with members of NASA, which the counselor has considered “interesting.”

Positive balance, in the words of Markel Olano and Ramiro González

The balance of the economic agenda designed for the last days by the Basque institutions in Washington has also been positive for the deputies general of Gipuzkoa, Markel Olano, and of Álava, Ramiro González.

Olano recalled the objective set in Gipuzkoa to increase the presence of the territory in the international arena, while González has shown that the Alava economy is “very exporting”, with 56% of its production dedicated to export. In his opinion, the foreign market “is the only one that will allow companies to grow.”

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