Six-year-old boy found with rash on Christmas Day received heartbreaking diagnosis


A concerned mother who discovered an unusual rash all over her young son’s skin on Christmas Day later found out he was suffering from cancer.

Danielle Everson, who had Googled six-year-old Kian’s symptoms, was already prepared for the worst when doctors at Grange Hospital in Cwmbran diagnosed her with early-stage acute lymphoblastic leukaemia, Wales Online reports.

A month later, the young man from Blackwood is now in his fourth week of chemotherapy and has bravely dealt with symptoms while battling covid, but he and his family remain positive.

The mother of four said: “Kian was very unwell and it was in December, more or less in the middle of December.

“I put it down to his friends at school having covid and colds. Kian did not have Covid at the time, but he had a cold and a cough.

“He was terribly pale, but since he had been kickboxing with his twin brother, I thought it was probably because the boys were being a little rough with him.

“It was only when I noticed he had little purple puncture marks on him that I thought he needed help. I googled the symptom and it said the marks were a sign of leukemia. So I called my dad and said ‘I think Kian has cancer’ and he said ‘Don’t believe everything you read on Google’.

Kian (back) with twin Kelan and his mother Danielle Everson.
Kian (back) with twin Kelan and his mother Danielle Everson.

“I waited until Monday but the doctors weren’t open yet so I called 111. I was very fatigued, had no energy and kept going back to bed.

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“We went to the Grange and within two hours we found out he had leukemia.”

Grange staff told Danielle how important it was to see the signs of leukemia early and act quickly.

Kian was diagnosed with cancer just days after his mother noticed a rash on his body.
Kian was diagnosed with cancer just days after his mother noticed a rash on his body.

“I was not surprised by the news,” he said. “It’s the mother’s instinct, isn’t it? Something activated. Of course, this is very sad news and not what we wanted to hear, but we are pleased that it was caught early and remain positive.”

After recovering from Covid, the Blackwood Primary School student can now start treatment again at Noah’s Ark children’s hospital in Cardiff.

“Considering everything that’s going on, he’s doing amazingly well. He has started losing his hair and it often hurts. We are taking him step by step and we hope that the chemotherapy will do its job and he will do well.

“He will receive chemotherapy for three years, so it is a long process. It has been stressful. Kian’s twin brother, Kelan, doesn’t really understand why we’re in the hospital so often with him. It’s a lot to take in.”

The rash on Kian's neck and chest.
The rash on Kian’s neck and chest.

Danielle says the response from the community in Blackwood has been “amazing.”

“We don’t rely on charity funding, we just want to give back to the charities that help Kian,” he added. “There are so many poor children there and a fantastic job is being done. We want to use this moment for something good to give back to those charities.”

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Twins Kian (left) and Kelan Everson, aged six.
Twins Kian (left) and Kelan Everson, aged six.

You can donate to Latch, Noah’s Ark and the Children’s Leukemia Society through Danielle’s friend Abbie Toms here.

“We have many positions. We’re doing charity walks. We have asked the school to have an orange wear day on the last day of term where children can dress up and earn a pound. And a local printing and embroidery company is making ‘Kian’s Army’ clothing and £2 from each purchase. is being donated.

“I am amazed by everything that is happening to him. It is truly overwhelming and we cannot thank everyone enough.

“We’re not sure if Kian’s treatment will work, but right now Kian has a good chance of getting through it. We are a little unsure but we have a lot of hope.

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