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The investigating court number 2 of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria has issued an indictment against the six implicated in the case known as 18 Lovas, including the hotel businessman Eustasio López, one of the hundred largest fortunes in Spain according to Forbes magazine , to whom two crimes of prostitution of minors are attributed.

In this case, a network is being investigated that allegedly captured underage girls since 2015 and, at least, until the second half of 2016 through 18 Lovas, an agency of hostesses, gogós or cheerleaders “with events throughout Spain” , behind which a child prostitution business was hiding, according to the indictment that has been made public this Wednesday.

Yino, the alleged leader of the plot, who increased the commission that the alleged victims took if they had sex with him, is attributed two crimes of sexual assault, one with penetration and the other with violence, nine of incitement to the prostitution of women. minors, 14 from prostitution of minors and two from degrading treatment.

Eugenio Hernández de León is charged with 15 crimes of prostitution of minors, two of them continued and one of incitement; Emilio Cabrera Caballero, seven crimes of prostitution of minors; Domingo Hernández Tarajano, four crimes of prostitution of minors; Eustasio López González, two crimes of prostitution of minors; and to Antonio Dascenzo, a crime of prostitution of a minor.

According to the order, the hotel businessman, who was referred to by the 18 Lovas agency as “the millionaire”, participated in 2016 in a party organized by Yino Alemán in a villa in the Ayagaures area, in the south of Gran Canaria, a the one that the defendant Hernández León also attended, and in which two of the underage victims consumed alcohol along with eight other young adults and bathed naked in a pool.

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The judge reports that, after touching and kissing the girls in the pool, both López and Hernández chose the two with whom they wanted to have relationships, “with full knowledge that they were minors or, at least, with total indifference to the possibility that it was. “

The ten girls were initially offered 50 euros each, although in the place of the party the amount was renegotiated and increased to 100 euros, with an extra if they had sex.

According to the magistrate, the ringleader of the plot captured young people aged 23 years or less, to whom he offered work as gogo and cheerleaders, and made sure to obtain nude photographs of them so that he could coerce them in case they suggested disagreements.

In addition, he would collect them and take them to provide his services, although before he would lead them to an empty house, where the girls changed and drank alcohol to cheer themselves up and, from there, they were transferred to the meeting point with the client. In that house, the leader maintained relationships with those who wanted to increase his commission.

The judge considers that the defendants took advantage of the vulnerability of all the victims, both because of their minority and because of the lack of family solidity and parental references.


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