Single mum of three reveals how she created trendy DIY wall paneling in her bedroom for just £6


If you’re a homeowner who likes to keep up with the latest interior trends, chances are you’re familiar with wall paneling.

The popular decorating trend can add shape and style to any room, but it can be expensive to do professionally.

A mother of three has now come up with a clever way to introduce paneling into her home, without spending hundreds of pounds.

Single mother Joanne McCabe had always aspired to have paneling in her home, but couldn’t afford to buy the necessary lumber.

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It was only when her neighbor was tossing out some unnecessary wood that she got the idea to try creating it herself in her bedroom.

“I came up with the idea because as a single mom money can be tight and I’ve always loved the look of paneling, but I never had the money to buy the wood,” Joanne, 45, told LatestDeals.

“Then last year, a neighbor across the street had some wood that he was going to take to the landfill, and he asked me if I wanted it.

“It was in my garden for months and then I thought ‘why not give it a try? If it doesn’t work, I haven’t wasted money.”

Joanne is a single mother of three children.

Joanne already had paint, a sander, wood filler and a handsaw in her shed, so all she needed to buy was two tubes of nailless glue which cost £5.98.

“I didn’t have a design in mind, so I worked it around my wall baseboard so I wouldn’t be left with little cuts,” Joanne explained.

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“The first thing I did was measure the center of my wall and lean a piece of wood against the wall. Then I took more wood and started leaning it against the wall.

“This meant I could work out my design before I made any cuts, so once I figured out where I wanted the wood to go, I glued the wood to the wall with the nail-free glue.

“I did the bottom first, then the sides, then the top to make it look like a giant square.

“Then I glued my long mid-sections to the wall and from there calculated the size I wanted for my squares.”

Joanne began by measuring the wood against her wall.

The DIY-savvy mom says she wanted her paneling to look different from traditional walls she’d seen.

“In the middle sections I went with two smaller squares and one larger square just to be a bit different, as in most panels I’ve seen all the squares are the same size,” Joanne said.

“The only thing I didn’t enjoy was sanding each piece of wood to make it smooth, because it was time consuming, not like going to the store and buying all smooth MDF.

“I attached all the wood to the wall, used wood putty for the joints, then sanded them.

“Then I took some very dark navy blue paint from my shed and mixed it with white emulsion to give myself a lighter color as I didn’t want to have to spend money buying paint.

“It only took two coats to cover the wood and the wall.”

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The finished paneled wall

Joanne is very pleased with the result of her new paneled wall, which cost her just £6.

“I figured out what to do, because just by looking at the panels, you can get the gist of what you need to do,” he said.

“I’m so proud of myself for taking on such a big project and achieving the look I was going for.

“I love going to my room now – it feels really cozy and stylish and the best thing is that it’s less than £6.

“Something like this would normally have cost hundreds, which is way over my budget.

“If I can do it without carpentry skills, I’m sure there are others who can achieve the same results.”


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