Simple PCR mistake Could leave you legally Obliged to isolate MONTHS after Having Covid

The NHS Warned people have tested positive for Who Have Covid 19 shouldnt take a PCR test after They have an extended period for recovered. Here are the rules you need to know …

The government has Warned people to steer clear of PCR tests after Covid Having, UNLESS They meet Certain conditions
The government has Warned people to steer clear of PCR tests after Covid Having, UNLESS They meet Certain conditions

People Who Have tested positive in England are being handed down to Retesting after warning About Recovering from Covid 19.

The news comes in the fallout of an unprecedented number of cases following the huge surge of the Omicronwave of the virus.

The advice is Aimed at Workplaces Particularly in the hope of helping manage Shortages staff.

The advice states That people Who Have Recently HAD Covid shouldnt take a PCR test after the virus ADH Having Certain Within a timeframe.

Because this is people Who Have Recently Had the virus still test positive for Could some time after They Had it.

The government says this is Because some parts of the virus can REMAIN in the body for long periods of time.

They say: “Fragments of inactivating virus can be detected by PCR in persistently respiratory tract infection following samples, and for some time after a person has completed Their isolation period and is no longer infectious.”

How long do you need to wait to take a PCR test?

People are not being Warned to take a PCR for 90 days after Having tested positive for Covid 19



People Who Have had covid are being advised not to take a PCR test for 90 days, or around three months after UNLESS They Had covid They meet Certain conditions.

Failure to to listen this advice Could Mean You Have to isolate again not DESPITE it being infectious Because is the legal duty of Anyone Who tests positive to stay at home.

The aim of the new advice is to Prevent the ongoing shortfalls in workforces in an attempt to help the country recover from the virus.

Documentation from the Department of Health & Social Care says. “Following a substantial clinical review of the latest evidence and testing data, we are now changing the advice for Retesting Within 90 days of a positive From now on, if someone tests positive with a PCR test, They Should not Be tested using PCR for 90 days or LFD. ”

What DO you mean conditions need to take a PCR after Having Covid?

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People Who Develop new symptoms in the 90 day period will need to take a test Once Again.

The Department of Health & Social Care says tests That Should be taken by Those Who Have recovered inside the three month period If They Develop symptoms, “Case in Which They Should be retested using PCR Immediately.”

The documentation Continues: “This 90 day period is from the initial onset of symptoms or, if asymptomatic When tested, Their positive test result.”

The reasoning for the change is Explained by the Department: “The previous to policy continue LFD testing following a positive PCR result was Because Although very unlikely, it is possible to be reinfected Within 90 days However based on the latest testing data and clinical advice. , the policy has now changed.

“The clinical view is That During esta 90 day window from a positive test Given the low rate of reinfection During this window, it is significantly more likely That a positive LFD test would be a false result, rather than someone being re-infected, Causing people to isolate unnecessarily. “

The NHS May Also add That people need to get a PCR Within the 90 day period if required to take They are one after arriving in the UK from abroad.

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