Simple household job could make you up to £600 in a matter of minutes

With another Bank Holiday on its way, the long weekend could pose the perfect opportunity to have a good clear-out and spring clean.

While chores can be painfully boring, there is a way to earn quick cash from one particular task that many people choose to put off.

According to research carried out by musicMagpie, the average British household is keeping hold of £598 worth of unused technology lying around their home.

From old phones to iPads and consoles, it was found that the average UK adult reported having a whopping 11 unused devices gathering dust.

Selling old gadgets will not only provide an unexpected boost to your bank account but will also offer a new lease of life for unwanted items and will help to minimize the number of electronics being sent to landfills.

The recommerce specialist found that mobile phones were the item people were most likely to keep hold of, with respondents of their study keeping at least two old devices tucked away somewhere in their home.

Discussing the financial and environmental benefits of selling unwanted technology, Steve Oliver, Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder of musicMagpie, said: “I think many households would be shocked to learn how much money they can earn by selling old phones and electronics that are currently laying forgotten about somewhere in their home.

“While it might be tempting to keep hold of old devices or even bin them, there is a thriving market for second-hand technology. If you’re looking to earn a bit of extra money while making a smarter environmental choice, I would suggest taking the time to look for old devices and then go online to find out how much they could be worth.

“After all, it is much better for you to have the money in your bank account rather than old gadgets taking up space in your home.”

How much can your device get you?

Do you have an old iPhone lying around your home?

The age and condition of your technology will determine how much they are worth; the newer a phone, generally, the more you could expect to make on the recommerce market. And the better condition it’s in, the more you can expect to make too.

With that said, if your phone has seen better days or you come across a piece of older technology when decluttering your home you can still make money from selling these devices.

Don’t worry if you’ve misplaced your phone’s charger or have got rid of the original packaging, this won’t impact the price you can expect for your phone.

Below, musicMagpie shares what different devices could earn you:

iPhone13 Pro Max 1TB – up to £810

iPhone 13 512GB – up to £526

iPhone 12 128GB – up to £400

Samsung Galaxy S21 128GB – up to £350

iPhone 11 128GB – up to £250

Pixel 5 – up to £230

Samsung Galaxy S10 128GB – up to £125

Samsung Galaxy S9 64GB – up to £85

iPhone 8 64GB – up to £64

Galaxy S8 64GB – up to £60

iPhone 7 32GB – up to £42

How to sell your unwanted technology

When it comes to making money from your old technology, there are several different avenues available, but for those looking for a hassle-free way to get paid for their unused devices, recommerce sites can be a great option.

If you’re looking to sell an iPhone, Samsung Galaxy, iPad, MacBook or console with musicMagpie, all you need is the make, model and condition of your device to find out how much it could be worth.

Not only can you list all your unwanted devices at once, but you can ship everything for free. Once your items have arrived and been checked, you will receive a same day payment straight into your bank account.

For more information and to find out how much your devices are worth, visit:

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