Signatories of Llotja’s declaration assure that the Constitution is an instrument to violate rights


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They criticize that, “in the name” of the Magna Carta, it is prevented from “giving way to the development of the democratic will” of their peoples and “criminalizing and repressing any democratic exercise” that pursues this objective.

The Catalan, Basque, Galician and Balearic parties that signed the so-called Declaration of the Llotja de Mar have denounced this Sunday that the Spanish Constitution “has become an instrument to violate basic democratic rights.”

These formations (BNG, CUP, EH Bildu, Esquerra Republicana, MORE for Mallorca, MORE for Menorca and Junts) signed together with other parties, on October 25, 2019 in Barcelona, ​​a document to demand a political agreement on the Catalan crisis, the defense of the right to self-determination and the release of “political prisoners”.

Now, on the occasion of the celebration this Monday of Spanish Constitution Day, have made public another letter in which they criticize that, “in the name” of the Magna Carta, it is prevented “from giving way to the development of the democratic will” of their peoples and that any democratic exercise is “criminalized and repressed” that pursues this objective .

“That is,” adds the text, “this Constitution is situated as structural impediment to a future in democracy for our nations, their radical reform both in the state model and in social rights is essential. “

“We will continue to demand and fight,” the document continues, “to demand from the State a model that, from the recognition of plurinationality and the right of self-determinationAllow the citizens of our respective peoples to democratically decide their political model and relationship with the State. “

“We are nations and we want to democratically decide our future,” emphasizes the letter, which also maintains that the “regional model of decentralization” emerged “within the framework of” the Constitution “not only Is it sold out, without complying in many aspects, but has also suffered numerous unilateral lapses by the legislative action of the Congress of Deputies “, as well as by” the permanent invasive intervention of a Constitutional Court turned into an instrument of recentralization of the State. “

“Constitution with an evident deficit of legitimacy”

“In addition to all this, we are facing a Constitution with an evident legitimacy deficit. The majority of the current population of our nations and of the Spanish State has not had the opportunity to comment on key issues of its contents, such as: the Monarchy, the territorial model and social rights “, underlines the statement.

“Therefore,” he adds, “we are facing an exhausted, delegitimized Constitution that has become a conditioning and determining factor of our democratic aspirations.”

“We think it is time to face structural changes. Furthermore, despite speeches and staunch positions, the Spanish State itself is aware of the end of the constitutional cycle and the need for reforms, “the document emphasizes.

“The debate on the territorial question will be present and we must be prepared to jointly defend our position“The statement warns, before recalling that” throughout these more than 40 years, the world has experienced profound changes “and it is foreseeable that” in the next decade we will witness disruptive transformations. “

“These transformations will show even more the need for instruments and decision-making capacity to face the challenges that we face as nations and as citizens,” the letter concludes.

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