Sick WhatsApp messages of policemen who took selfies of sisters’ dead bodies


Pc Deniz Jaffer and Pc Jamie Lewis took “non-official and inappropriate photographs” of Bibaa Henry and Nicole Smallman, 27, who were stabbed to death by Danyal Hussein in June last year

Murder victims Bibaa Henry, 46, and Nicole Smallman, 27
Murder victims Bibaa Henry, 46, and Nicole Smallman, 27

Two police officers who shared photos of the dead bodies of two sisters murdered in a park referred to them as “dead birds”, a misconduct hearing has heard.

Bibaa Henry, 46, and Nicole Smallman, 27, were stabbed to death by Danyal Hussein, 19, at Fryent Country Park in Wembley, northwest London, on June 6 last year.

PC Deniz Jaffer, 47, and PC Jamie Lewis, 33, took “non-official and inappropriate photographs” at the crime scene before sharing them on WhatsApp between June 7 and 23.

The officers had been tasked with manning the cordon and protecting the crime scene after the bodies were found during the early hours of June 8.

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Pc Jamie Lewis


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But the pair “left their post to take photos on their mobile phones of the victims without authority and without a policing purpose”, Helen Ball QPM, Assistant Commissioner for Professionalism in the Metropolitan Police Service, told a misconduct hearing on Wednesday.

Jaffer sent two separate images of the victims to Lewis at 4:39am, then Lewis took his own photo at 5:10am.

When Lewis was asked whether he took any photos of the victims in a police interview two weeks later, he responded: “I’m really confident that I didn’t take such pictures.”

PC Helen Tierney, on behalf of the Appropriate Authorities, told the hearing Lewis provided a “deliberately deceitful account” in the interview.

Both Lewis and Jaffer shared the images with others and – in Jaffer’s case – these included members of the public.

Jaffer shared four images in a WhatsApp group which included members of the public in which the victims were visible. Lewis admits showing at least one other officer.

PC Sea Jaffer


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Both used “disrespectful and derogatory language”, while referring to Ms Henry and Ms Smallman, said PC Tierney.

Lewis sent a message to a WhatsApp group saying: “Unfortunately I’m standing next to two dead birds”.

Jaffer also referred to them as “dead birds” in a WhatsApp group.

Both were aware that they had no authority to breach the crime scene and take the photographs.

PC Tierney said they were “entrusted to ensure the integrity of the crime scene” but instead showed “disregard” to the investigation team and more importantly, to the family of the victims.

At 4:39am, Jaffer sent one close up image of the dead bodies to Lewis, and another shot taken from further away showing a branch.

Artists impression of PC Jamie Lewis (L) and PC Deniz Jaffer (R), appearing at the Old Bailey


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There is no way the photos could have been taken from their post, said PC Tierney.

Lewis failed to report or challenge the image and instead requested photos of the victims from Jaffer, who provided them.

At 4:42am, Lewis sent a superimposed selfie style picture of himself with the victims visible in the background. Jaffer failed to report or challenge this.

The officers were arrested on suspicion of misconduct in a public office contrary to common law on June 22.

During this they made admissions to possessing, showing and sharing images from the crime scene.

In the interview, Jaffer admitted deleting relevant messaged after actions were taken against Lewis, a day or two prior to the interview.

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He said: “It would be underhand to lie but the photographs have been deleted.”

Lewis had gone missing and Jaffer was told that people in suits were talking to Lewis, who was out of uniform.

In an unrelated matter, Jaffer twice used the racially derogatory term “p****” in relation to a group of Asian males in a message sent to a group including members of the public.

The message was about the benefits of the officer moving to a particular location “plus no p****”. Lewis replied approvingly, writing: “Exactly.”

Jaffer and Lewis admitted misconduct in a public office at the Old Bailey on November 2 and are on bail awaiting sentence.

Following the hearing it was revealed Jaffer has a public account called ‘Hornchurch Turk’ which has pictures of him in ‘blackface’ fancy dress at a party.

PC Tierney said it is clear their actions amount to misconduct.

“These breaches are so serious they justify dismissal,” she said.

Jaffer and Lewis were served a notice of the misconduct hearing on November 10.

Their solicitors responded jointly to say they would not be attending and no submissions will be made on behalf of the officers.

“Neither of our clients intend any courtesy or disrespect to PC Ball but neither of us will be attending the hearing,” they wrote.

They invited PC Ball to consider the facts of the case and make a decision accordingly.

PC Lewis is based at North East Basic Command Unit while ‘former PC Jaffer’ is previously at the same unit.

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