Shameless thief caught on CCTV raiding bag to steal phone during Ukraine fundraiser

NHS worker Ann Waall from Glasgow, Scotland, was left heartbroken after her mobile phone was snatched from inside her bag while she gave up her time to aid a Ukraine fundraising drive

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Glasgow: Man steals phone from woman’s bag at fundraiser

A brazen thief was caught on CCTV diving into an NHS worker’s bag to steal her mobile phone as she helped out at a fundraiser for Ukraine.

The shameless man was captured red handed at Hillhead Sports Club in Glasgow, Scotland.

Upset Ann Waall was robbed during the event after the 46-year-old left the device inside a backpack, Glasgow Live reports.

The man made no attempts to conceal his identity and the police are asking anyone with information to come forward.

He was spotted on camera placing his jacket over the backpack to cover the fact that he had placed his arm inside.

The man dipped into the backpack to steal a phone in the middle of a charity event


Glasgow Live WS)

The thief goes on to dig around inside the bag for several seconds while scanning the room to ensure no one had seen him.

He eventually finds the phone and examines it in his hand before picking up his jacket and leaving.

As well as being only a few months old, the phone contains important contacts for community worker Ann.

Her husband William shared the footage on his social media in the hopes of tracing the responsible man.

The shocking moment was captured on CCTV


Glasgow Live WS)

He said: “My wife is absolutely raging. Not only has she lost all the contacts for her work, it means vulnerable patients won’t be able to contact her.

“She’s also got her pictures and personal details on it.

“The fact it took place at a charity event makes it even more shocking. The bag was sitting with a bunch of others.

“We didn’t see the need to lock it away in a separate room because people were milling around and we never expected something like this to happen.

The police are now investigating and called on anyone with information to get in touch


Glasgow Live WS)

“The man isn’t a member of the club, he’s just come in off the street and started going through the zipped bags.

“We reported it to the police but so far they’ve not been much help. It looks like he’s left the club and went straight for the train as we’ve picked him up on the GPS on Stockwell Street.

“I want to get his face out there to warn others but also to get Ann’s phone back.”

A spokesperson for Police Scotland confirmed they are investigating the incident and urged anyone with information to contact them on 101.

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