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Colombian singer Shakira and Barcelona Football Club defender Gerard Piqué celebrate their 45th and 35th birthdays together this Wednesday, respectively. Both were born on February 2; the soccer player, from 1987; the singer, from 1977. And they began their relationship almost 12 years ago.

They met in 2010, the year in which Spain would win the World Cup in South Africa against the Netherlands with Piqué in the starting lineup and thanks to Iniesta’s goal in extra time, after a miraculous save by Iker Casillas.

Shakira was then undoubtedly going through one of the best moments of her career thanks to songs like wolf or the sun rises. The publication of Waka, wakawhose videos in English and Spanish have accumulated more than 3,625 million views together —as of February 2022—, placed her at the pinnacle of world pop.

For his part, the footballer was a key player in an already mythical team, Barcelona, ​​which won everything under the command of Josep Guardiola and to the rhythm of Live life, by Coldplay.

Despite the fact that for years it has been said that they met during the recording of the video of the World Cup anthem (in which Piqué made a brief appearance), in reality, as the player confessed in an interview with the newspaper L’Esportiu in 2020, met Shakira in Madrid shortly before going to South Africa. “I told him we would meet in the final. She was going to sing the anthem at the closing ceremony and I assumed we would play that game. We lost the first match, but in the end we won,” she recalled. Details such as the fact that they were both born on February 2 (although 10 years apart) clicked in the brains of dozens of journalists who, upon announcing their relationship, could not help but write that they were “predestined to meet.”

During her first five years, the Colombian singer went to live in Barcelona, ​​near the mountains that surround the city, and had two children, Milan and Sasha. They lived a fairly low-key life, although they did not hide from the media; and they spoke of their relationship on rare occasions.

With her young son, Sasha, newborn, Shakira undertook a world tour. The singer decided to travel with the little boy while Piqué, due to his commitments to Barça, stayed in Barcelona.

The fact that the footballer was starting his business career – he bought a meat company, founded another video game company and met Mark Zuckerberg during his visit to the Mobile World Congress – increased the image of a more independent Gerard Piqué, media and more occupied.

In 2017, the singer confessed to the Italian edition of Vanity Fair that, after the birth of Sasha, he had seriously considered leaving his musical career. “I decided that as soon as she was independent enough I would go back to the recording studio, but I didn’t take into account the conflict between my two souls. [madre y artista] and the fears that arose. I got stage fright. I was confused, I was tempted to withdraw and to leave everything, ”she declared.

But Piqué encouraged her to continue: “Gerard unblocked me. He told me loud and clear that he would never allow me to retire from music. ‘You will retire when you no longer have anything to say. And now go outside and do what you know how to do.’ He was right “.

In December of that year, Shakira had to suspend her tour The Golden due to bleeding on her vocal cords, and the Spanish Tax Agency accused her of tax fraud, a problem that is still in court. But the couple has been united at all times, to face the difficulties. For example, she posted a photo of the two together on Instagram in which Piqué lovingly bit Shakira’s ear.

This does not prevent everyone from having their own space, especially considering their respective professional commitments. In January, Shakira traveled accompanied by her children (but without her partner) to Walt Disney World, Florida (United States), while the soccer player complied with the demanding travel schedule of the League championship.

The central defender had left the Spanish team in 2018 (with which he won a European Championship in addition to the World Cup). “It was a very nice stage”, he said when announcing his decision, “and I am very happy to have participated in so many successes”.

His last international performance came at the World Cup in Russia, in June 2018, in which Spain was eliminated in the round of 16 after losing on penalties against the host country’s team. Piqué preferred to dedicate himself in the last stretch of his career to competing solely for Barcelona, ​​which reduced not only the number of games he played per year, but also the frequency of trips outside the Catalan capital.

People who know the couple hope that today they will make public on social networks some photos related to their coincident birthdays.

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