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The death on September 22 of Willie Garson, who gave life to the character of Stanford Blatch in sex in new york Between 1998 and 2004, he played Carrie Bradshaw’s (Sarah Jessica Parker) best friend and confidant, leaving a huge void in the cast of one of HBO’s most successful series. It was the channel itself that assured through a statement that “Willie Garson was in life, as on the screen, a devoted friend and a shining light for all.” The actor also wanted to participate in his sequel, And just like that…, but despite the fact that it was part of the filming, the sudden news forced the creators of the series to change the plot. A plot line whose details have now been revealed by screenwriter Michael Patrick King.

“I was going to be present in all 10 episodes. Before we knew that Willie was sick and wouldn’t be able to complete the series, we wanted Stanford to go through a midlife crisis,” King said in an interview published on Variety. “His character of him always had a borderline career as a manager, and we wanted to explore the fact that that wasn’t a real career,” he continued. “Carrie and he were going to be united, noticing the changes. anthony [el esposo de Stanford, interpretado por Mario Cantone] and he would probably end up breaking up anyway,” he admitted. “We would have kept them both in the cast, but everyone would be relieved that they divorced, because they both suffered conflicts that were not pleasant for anyone,” she added.

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The screenwriter has shared his sadness that many of Stanford’s funniest scenes as Carrie Bradshaw’s confidant will never reach the public. “We had a series of very flirty and hilarious scenes with Carrie that I loved. That old chemistry, so old and specific that Carrie and Stanford have, is based on the real story quirks that were between Willie and Sarah Jessica,” he lamented. The plan for her character changed drastically when King and the other writers of And Just Like That… they learned that Garson was suffering from pancreatic cancer, from which he eventually died in September 2021.

Garson’s role was eliminated starting in the fourth episode, when they decided to send his character to Tokyo for work, a fact Carrie found out about through a handwritten letter. King has admitted that he was forced to write Garson out of the story, albeit “in the most hackneyed way,” but that he deemed it necessary given the nature of the circumstances. “Life and death are something else in fiction: when it’s real, it’s neither funny nor pretty. I didn’t want to narratively flirt with that possibility or speculate too much about where he is. [Stanford Batch]”, King confessed. “I knew that the audience would never get involved in it because they know it will never come back. It’s the most hackneyed script I’ve ever done, just to help his character move forward without much maneuvering, because it was too sad. There was no way a charming ending could come out of a reality like that”, he concluded, making it clear that the future of Stanford lies in Tokyo.

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The first season of And Just Like That… concludes this Thursday, February 3 with the tenth episode, still with a second season unconfirmed. However, King has also reported through Variety that Sarah Jessica Parker “definitely” wants to continue. In addition, she has specified in the interview that she cannot ensure the return to the series of Samantha Jones, the character played by Kim Cattrall in sex in new york. A character who is in London in fiction because of the real disagreements between the actress and the main character of the ShowSarah Jessica Parker.


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