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That life was serious Carrie Bradshaw came to understand later. Or so it seems that he wants to tell us And Just Like That. The return of Sex in New York On television he has left his protagonist composed and without a husband thanks to what is already the television death of the year. But before the character played by Chris Noth passes away, we witness another death, the one from the series we knew and enjoyed in the early 2000s.

After both of his films renounced the original spirit of Sex in New York, there was little hope that And Just Like That He could get it back, but it was possible to hold on to his return to TV, from which he should never have left, help. It has not been so. To begin with, his episodes have changed in duration – they exceed 40 minutes – which has contributed to the loss of rhythm and tone. But beyond the structure, it is easy to recognize these chapters as apocryphal because they are not written to be coherent, but to please everyone, old fans and possible young fans, who are assumed to have a sensitivity incompatible with the original series. And that is the shortest way to make no one happy.

Starting from the prejudice that says that the world is only as it is defined by young people and of another, its debtor, that dictates that age makes it impossible to tune in to that world, most of the conflicts that work And Just Like That they blur their characters by their determination to place them like fish out of the water of a kingdom that is no longer theirs. Once smart and shrewd, Miranda has now lost her social skills and constantly messes up on racial issues. Carrie is unable to talk about masturbation – something very Charlotte – in a podcast directed by such a character woke who tries to make jokes about what woke which is and does not come out.

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Perhaps Charlotte is the one who remains more true to herself, only she would be able to make it a problem that her daughter does not want to wear an Oscar de la Renta dress. And when it seemed that Samantha was going to be saved by the absence of Kim Catrall, we discovered that you can be unfaithful to the most hedonistic publicist on that side of the Hudson River even without seeing her: that she, who ended up attending the funeral of Miranda’s mother in an extraordinary episode of Sex on New York, now I only send flowers to Carrie in the face of her loss, it is as painful as it is incoherent, no matter how much anger between them we have to swallow.

The frivolity of the Darren Star series was never empty. Carrie already knew that life was serious, that’s why Sex in New York he was trying to make fun of it. Turn it into Five hours with Mr. Big o en The year of magical thinking, it doesn’t make her better, just sadder.

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