Seven and a half year sentence for the man who planned to kill Sánchez

The National Court has sentenced Manuel Murillo to seven years and six months in prison, andhe resident of Terrasa (Barcelona) arrested in 2018, who proposed on social networks to end the life of the Prime Ministerwhile highlighting his “unwavering fixation” and his “will to put an end to the life” of Pedro Sánchez “to bring about a change in the Spanish political situation”.

In a sentence this Monday, the Fourth Section of the Criminal Chamber imposes Murillo, 66, two years and six months for a crime of homicide in degree of proposal and five years in prison for deposit of weapons of war. Furthermore, it condemns eight years deprivation of the right to own and carry weapons.

The ruling dates back to the beginning of the threats, set in Murillo’s participation in the WhatsApp group ‘Terrasa por España’ in which, starting in June 2018, when Sánchez became head of the Executive as a result of the motion of censorship against Mariano Rajoy, began to publish messages in which he spoke out against the exhumation of the remains of the dictator Francisco Franco from the Valley of the Fallen.

Already at that moment, the defendant launched his first warnings: “If necessary I am going to leave armed and I will sit on Franco’s tomb And if they get close to me, I shoot. If they touch Franco, I suggest that they start the war again for our honor (…) And this time we will not leave even one.”

Those messages were turning towards a clear objective over the months. “Al Sánchez you have to go hunt him like a horn (deer) and put his head in the chimney. So many hunters in Spain and none of them have balls. They only kill poor little animals that do not break Spain, this one does have to be hunted,” he maintained in their messages in the aforementioned chat.

“He was internalizing” the idea of ​​the attack

As the magistrates recall, Murillo “was internalizing that the solution to produce a change in the Spanish political situation It was going to cause the death of the president of the government, for which he insisted on asking for help to carry it out”. Thus, he became aware in his messages that in order to “blow heads” there had to be “more organization” in order to cause “terror”.

In addition to its manifestations, the court has assessed as circumstance of Murillo’s high level of danger, all the weapons that were seized from him: in total, 13 statutory and 7 prohibited, among which is a weapon of war, the CETME rifle, which until recently was the flagship weapon of the Spanish army.

However, and despite his considerable arsenal and his constant threats, the Chamber highlights the improbability that he managed to “attempt against the life of the President of the Government”. “The ideation of the accused would be close to the unreasonable and therefore before a proposal that is neither credible nor therefore feasible,” the magistrates acknowledge.

“Persistence and fixation” in their purposes

The ruling admits that there is no definitive plan but assures that there is “a circumstance that is indicative of the high danger that supposes the determination adopted by Murillo”. Specifically, he refers to “the arsenal of weapons seized from him, among those found in his home and in the vehicle”, while ignoring “that his hobby for many years is the shot, continually going to a club to practice”.

Thus, the Chamber insists that in the analyzed messages it has been accredited that the defendant “increasingly with more zeal, expresses with an unbreakable fixation their will to put an end to the life of the President of the Government”.

In this sense, and “as embryonic as it was, we already have the persistence, fixation and unveiled determination of the accused to cause the death of Mr. Sánchez Pérez-Castejón, to which we must add that he had the item to use because he would only have to choose the appropriate one, according to the circumstances, among those he stored, for which purpose he repeatedly sought the help he required for his persistent criminal idea”.

They rule out the extenuating circumstance for alcohol consumption

Furthermore, the court finds that a psychic alteration on the part of Murillo has not been provenrejecting in the same way to appreciate the incomplete defense of full alcohol intoxication, as well as the mitigation of drunkenness due to the consumption of alcohol and medications.

Murillo himself was in charge of emphasizing during his statement at the trial and during the final word that his threats were
only the result of a bad time
in which he consumed large amounts of alcohol and trankimazin, which would have caused a kind of “hallucinations or daydreams”.

“Every time he drank more, at times he had drunk up to two or three glasses of orujo tubes, cubalibres. It was like the English poets who got drunk to do works,” said the now condemned man.

Before the trial was seen for sentencing, Murillo took the opportunity to apologize for his “animals.” “Thanks to the Court that let me out in provisional prison and I have returned to work, I have continued my life, I have not escaped nor have I proved to be so dangerous because I practically do not write whatsapp anymore or say nonsense anymore. It already served me as a good lesson, “he settled.

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