Serial domestic abuser jailed after strangling girlfriend to point she thought she’d die


A thug who strangled his girlfriend to the point where she thought he would kill her has been jailed.

Callum Whittingham, 21, not only throttled his victim but also prevented her from having a drink or even using the toilet, a court heard.

The vile controller was already serving a suspended sentence after he “fat-shamed” another partner and bullied her into having sex with him.

Today (May 6) he was jailed for 21 months after being found guilty of assault by beating in January, the MEN reports.

Whittingham dragged his latest victim into his home and throttled her three times.

Minshull Street Crown Court heard he met the victim in May 2020 but had only been in a relationship for a week-and-a-half when he began his attack.

They had an argument on January 20 because the victim had accepted a Snapchat request from her former partner.

Prosecuting, Emily Hassell said he became angry, “standing over her, clenching his fists as if he was going to punch her, causing her to cry with panic.”

Callum Whittingham was sentenced at Minshull St Crown Court

Two days later, Whittingham continuously phoned the victim when she went to her friends’ house overnight before “accusing her of cheating and then threatening to burn her work uniform”, the court heard.

Ms Hassell told the court that the following day, on January 23, at around midday, the victim had returned to Whittingham’s home to collect her belongings and tell him she was leaving – which is when he became violent.

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Ms Hassell added: “As she tried to leave through the front door, he pulled her backwards to prevent her from doing so.

“He then grabbed her to the neck with both hands and applied pressure.

“She thought he was going to kill her, and she had an asthma attack.

“He did not allow her to leave the property and when she asked if she could have a drink or go to the toilet, he refused her requests.”

The court heard that the victim tried to escape when Whittingham went into the bedroom, but he managed to pull her back and force her to the floor.

The victim then ran to the bedroom with the intention of jumping out the window to flee.

But it was at this point he pinned her to the bed and strangled her three times. Ms Hassell said: “She informed him she couldn’t breathe, to which he replied ‘good.'”

A neighbor upstairs called the police when he heard Whittingham and a female voice shouting.

Whittingham was heard calling the victim a “dirty little slag.”

He was cautioned and arrested.

He had already been locked up in August last year after making malicious communications against a former partner and for criminal damage in a domestic relationship.

In mitigation, Adam Brown argued that Whittingham had a ‘difficult background’ and issues that ‘have never been addressed’.

He also added that he had completed some hours of community unpaid work from his previous offenses but had struggled to complete them due to being on ‘strong antidepressants’.

Passing sentence, Judge Recorder Abigail Hudson said: “Your relationship (with the victim) was very brief and you became increasingly angry and demanded constant availability from her.

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“She dumped you, and you dragged her into your home, strangling her to the extent that she thought she was going to die.

“I have no doubt the next relationship you get into will be controlled.

“You will be checking their phone, making demands and causing them pain.

“The public and women need to be protected from you.

“You need help with how you deal with relationships.

“The reality is, you will be released at some point in the future, and it is hoped you can make some progress in custody, but quite frankly, I have little faith.”

Whittingham was handed a 21-month prison term, a six-month prison sentence to run alongside a further 15 months for the breach of his suspended sentence.

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