‘Scottish democracy cannot be a prisoner to Boris Johnson’, says Nicola Sturgeon

Ms Sturgeon has written to Prime Minister Boris Johnson to ask for formal consent for the vote to be held, yet, said she would press on with her plan if this was not granted by the UK government.

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Speaking on Sky News the morning after the announcement, the First Minister said there have been “significant changes” since the last referendum in 2014 and the UK Government is taking Scotland “in the wrong direction”.

The First Minister Nicola Sturgeon has said the will of the Scottish people cannot be held back by UK Government decisions (Photo: Sky News).

The First Minister said: “Back then [2014], Scotland was told we would lose European Union membership if we voted for independence and now we are out of the European Union because we didn’t become independent – ​​that’s happened against our will. We were told the prospect of Boris Johnson ever becoming Prime Minister was ridiculous – that may have been true but it’s nonetheless a reality now.

“And, yet again, we have a Westminster Government pulling us in the wrong direction, creating the worst cost of living crisis in the developed world because of Brexit and Scotland is expect to say there is nothing we can do about that.

“Scottish democracy cannot be a prisoner to Boris Johnson or any UK Prime Minister. The people of Scotland must have a right to choose.”

Also speaking this morning following the announcement, John Swinney, deputy prime minister, said if Scotland were to take forward a referendum via a general election it would consist of a majority of SNP MPs elected in that election.

Reacting to this statement, Alex Cole-Hamilton, leader of the Scottish Lib Dems tweeted: “That’s doable with just 35% of the vote.

“Talk about gaming the system. Good luck with getting international recognition for that.”

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Ms Sturgeon said there is a “stronger mandate” for an independence referendum in the Scottish Parliament than there ever was for a Brexit referendum in the UK Parliament.

She said: “A majority of MSPs in the Scottish Parliament support a referendum so if we are a democracy then that should be respected.”

Ben Wallace named the First Minister “desperate” on IndyRef as he said “she hasn’t done her job” for the people of Scotland in delivering better healthcare, better schools and better crime rates.

The FM said: “Independence is about better equipping Scotland to deal with and navigate the challenges we face.

“We’re struggling with a cost of living crisis which is worse in the UK than it is in any other G7 country precisely because of Brexit which was something imposed on Scotland against our will.”

Ms Sturgeon stressed a referendum has to be lawful and constitutional – with the Supreme Court being asked to rule on whether the Scottish government has the power to hold a vote without UK government approval.

Scotland’s Lord Advocate, Dorothy Bain, has referred the case to the Supreme Court.

The First Minister said: “I’m not like Boris Johnson who is breaching international law with his actions on the Northern Ireland protocol.”


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