Scots mum and kids ‘could have been killed’ after wooden board smashes into car after falling off van

A Scots mum fears she and her four young passengers could have been killed after a large wooden board smashed into the front of her motor.

Claire Naylor was driving along the Standing Stane Road on Saturday afternoon when the debris fell off a passing van as she headed to Kirkcaldy, Fife.

The 28-year-old was forced to brake hard to avoid the door-shaped item from flying through the windscreen of her car at 60mph, leaving her and the children badly shaken.

She now fears her car is a write-off after the board smashed into the bonnet with such force that it pushed a headlight back into the engine.

Claire was left badly shaken after the wooden board smashed into her car

Claire, a mum-of-three from Kinglassie, told how the driver of the van never stopped and has released dashcam footage of the shocking incident in a bid to trace the driver.

She said: “If I didn’t put my foot on the brakes when I did, who knows what could’ve happened. I could’ve swerved and gone into the trees.

“I braked so hard that my step-daughter’s phone smashed her in the face because she went forward.

“My daughter who was sitting in the front told my dad that her head nearly hit the dash.

The mum-of-three fears her car will be written off
The mum-of-three fears her car will be written off

“I was quick on the brakes but if I hadn’t been, it would’ve come through my windscreen and it would have been totally fatal.

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“Everyone who has watched the video has said that we were very lucky. My car is quite badly damaged but we’re still here and we’re fine which is the main thing.”

She added: “There’s no way the driver couldn’t have known that the wood had hit my car. In the video, you could see the strap flapping off the side of his van.

“As the wood was hitting the front of my car, he was passing us so he should’ve been able to see it out his window.

“It was a heavy duty bit of wood. My car is totaled. The scene would’ve been a mess.

“I never stopped as soon as it happened because I had four kids in the car and it’s not a safe road.

“It was really busy and there were loads of cars behind the van so hopefully they had dashcam footage of it happening.

The incident took place on the notorious Standing Stane Road between Leven and Kirkcaldy

“As soon as I felt it was safe to stop, I did and checked the car over before calling my partner.

“When I was in bed last night, I kept seeing the wood coming towards us and I was trying to cover my daughter and the gap in between the seats to stop the wood going in the back.

“There’s even still bits of the wood stuck in the car.”

Police Scotland have confirmed they are investigating after being notified by Claire on Saturday afternoon.

A force spokesperson said: “We received a report of a car struck by an item falling from another vehicle on Standing Stane Road near Leven around 2.20pm on Saturday, 14 May.

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“The incident happened a short time earlier and inquiries are ongoing.”

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