Scots man who ‘squeezed’ into XXL clothes sheds over five stone after giving up junk food

A Scots man who used to have to ‘squeeze’ into XXL clothes looks unrecognizable after undergoing a weight loss transformation.

Charlie Innes, from the Scottish Borders, remembers ‘tipping the scales’ when his weight climbed to 18 and a half stone two years ago.

The 52-year-old had gone from being an ‘active’ rugby player to struggling with everyday movements.

But it was a milestone birthday that made him decide it was time for a change.

The 52-year-old said: “Getting to my 50th birthday should have been a happy time, but all I can remember is being the heaviest I had ever been, tipping the scales at just over 18 and a half stone and squeezing into a size 42 trousers, and a XXL shirt.

Charlie is swimming trunks
Charlie weighed over 18 stone at his heaviest

“My mobility was becoming restricted, and everyday life was just getting a little more difficult. I used to be a keen rugby player, who was very fit, and active, but since that stopped, that was when the weight started to creep on. “

Charlie had also suffered a number of injuries playing rugby and even underwent five operations after falling from a horse.

Despite his challenges, he decided it was ‘time to do something about it’.

“Being an ex-rugby player and having suffered some significant injuries like a few fractured bones, as well as bad cartilage on both knees, that impacted on my mobility, and led to me suffering quite a lot of pain,” he said.

charlie innes
Charlie Innes shed over five stone

“I was motivated to lose weight to reduce pain and improve my general fitness. To add to my rugby injuries, I also fell off a horse, and had to have 5 operations on my ankle.”

Charlie admits he was guilty of skipping meals and then bingeing on junk food.

He would even finish off a pack of mini rolls on his commute home from work and often have double helpings of meals.

But he’s ditched it all for a healthier lifestyle.

He said: “I used to eat cereals or skip breakfast. I loved a McDonalds, and lunch was usually a Greggs double sandwich, and I would easily finish a whole packet of mini rolls on the way home on the train, then be looking for something else when I got home.

“My portions were very big too, and sometimes I was even having a double helping. I love chocolate, and thankfully I don’t need to give that up, but enjoy in moderation, and I now eat lots of fresh fruit and vegetables, lots of zero-point foods like chicken and eggs and I love tuna.”

The 52-year-old says the first Covid lockdown helped him kick bad habits and he’s now stuck to his weightloss goals.

Charlie has shed over five stone, dropping from 18 stone and 8 pounds to 13 stone and 6 pounds.

The ex-rugby player says the loss of extra pounds has meant he is now able to exercise and is in less pain.

“I am far more aware of what I eat now, and now love my new exercise routine. I’m in less pain, and love taking my dogs out for long walks.

Charlie now weighs under 14 stone

“I am so much more active and feel great. I am also really enjoying wearing clothes I would never have dreamt I would ever fit into again.

“I have gone from a size 42 to 38 trousers, and an XXXL shirt to an XL, and the stomach had gone down considerably,” he said.

Charlie credits WW, formerly Weight Watchers, with his incredible transformation – and his wife, who is a WW coach.

He said: “When I first started with WW, like a lot of people, I just didn’t think it would work, but quickly found my head round the plan and that it gave me the structure and support to take control. I thought I would always be hungry, but I eat lots of amazing food, and have just changed what I eat.

“I still enjoying going out, and just because I’m on the WW plan, it doesn’t stop my social life.”

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