Scots flats completely overrun by ‘pipe-climbing rats’ that block bins, says horrified carer

A Scots care worker has highlighted their horror at the disgusting ‘pipe-climbing rats’ which are plaguing their ability to provide palliative care to a resident within the building.

The block of flats in Edinburgh have become overrun with rodents who have chewed through the bins which the carers access.

The individual, who wishes to remain anonymous, works as a community care worker and has shared multiple clips and pictures that appear to show rats scurrying around the outside of the property.

One rat can be seen scurrying along the lengthy path to the front of the flats, whilst another can be seen climbing up the pipes that litter the outer facade of the building.

One of the rats was spotted peaking from a wheelie bin which had been chewed through by rodents
One of the rats was spotted peaking from a wheelie bin which had been chewed through by rodents

In another clip a rat can be seen through a hole in the lid of a communal bin that it appears to have chewed right through, according to Edinburgh Live.

The block of flats in the Granton area of ​​the capital has become increasingly worse with as up to eight rats being sighted at the one time.

The concerned carer says that it has become difficult to provide complete care with rats sitting atop of bins that they have to dispose of sanitary products in.

They said: “I work as a community care worker dealing with elderly residents who need palliative end of life care. This one address on West Granton Road is a block of flats that are part-owned privately and part-Edinburgh city council rented homes.

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“The rodent problem has been reported several times over the year as we hoped that pest control would attend to the area and deal with the rodents and vermin in the garden.

“But I recently contacted the Edinburgh Twitter team and there was no reply until I tagged Adam Mcvey and the deputy leader Cammy Day who is also the local councilor for the ward/area – this has resulted in a reply from the Twitter social media team.

A rat could be seen climbing a drain pipe from the footage shared by the horrified carer
A rat could be seen climbing a drain pipe from the footage shared by the horrified carer

“Their response was that it is private property. This is true that some of the flats within the building are owned houses but the resident I am emailing about is an Edinburgh City Council tenant, so it’s down to the CLOWNcil to sort this out.

“Their response is not the best, calling out of hours is useless as pest control doesn’t operate on weekends. It’s stopping my colleagues from wanting to enter there as they are petrified of them.

“My clients in the property are bed bound and are in end of life palliative care, so they require their visits and need the carers as well as district nurses to attend all visits in order to meet their needs.

“The problem is extensive, to the point there’s a pack of six to eight of them running in front of you as you walk up the path.

“They’re seen sitting on window ledges and climbing on the rain water pipes outside the block. They are also inside the bin and have chewed holes in the lids.

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“This means we cannot put the soiled incontinent pads out at the end of the night as there on the bin and inside the bin.

“At the moment this rodent problem is stopping professionals from being able to administer care.”

It is understood that four out of the six flats within the block are rented by Edinburgh City Council but it is not known who runs the other remaining properties.

An Edinburgh City Council spokesperson said: “The pest control service are aware of the issue. They are going to inspect the site this week and carry out any treatment as required.”

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