Scots dog dies after ‘bloodbath’ German Shepherd attack in front of three kids

The devastated owner of a dog who died after being violently mauled by a German Shepherd in front of her three children has spoken out to warn other families.

Dom Konowalska was walking beloved Papillons Codie and Luna with her three children Bruno, 9, Borys, 7 and newborn Kira, when the attack took place.

The mum-of-three said she watched on in horror as tiny Codie was mauled by the ‘out of control’ hound in Cochno Street, Clydebank, on April 5.

(LR) Bruno and Borys with their beloved Codi (left) who died on Monday and Luna

The family had been out a walk with baby Kira in her pram when the out-of-control dog launched an attack.

The 29-year-old sales assistant told the Record: “A man was walking with his Alsatian on the other side of the road.

“The dog tried to pull towards us and eventually he lost control and the dog went straight for Codie.”

Dom said the attack unfolded so quickly, the danger dog had three-year-old Codie ‘in it’s mouth in seconds’.

“There was blood everywhere, my sons were screaming and crying, we almost froze with shock,” she continued.

“I was holding the pram, my eldest son had grabbed our other dog Luna and my youngest son tried to get Codie before I pulled him back.”

Dom claims the German Shepherd’s owner eventually got the dog under control and pulled the animal way, as Codie fell out of it’s mouth.

She said he asked ‘are you alright?’ and then left the scene.

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“Other people helped us, one woman had blankets,” Dom added.

“It was traumatising.”

Codie was rushed to Vets 4 Pets in Drumchapel, where he was found to have suffered a pierced abdomen, and several puncture wounds over his body.

Codi was severely wounded following the attack on Clydebank
Codi was severely wounded following the attack on Clydebank

Vets carried out two surgeries to try and close his wounds but they had to leave some open, fearing keeping Codie under anesthetic for too long would kill him.

He was allowed to return home and spent a week on antibiotics and painkillers but some of his open wounds became infected over the weekend.

He was admitted to a local animal hospital on Saturday where medics tried to clean out the wounds.

Codi passed away in the early hours of Easter Monday leaving his family devastated
Codi passed away in the early hours of Easter Monday leaving his family devastated

In the early hours of Monday morning the infection took hold and he passed away.

Holding back the tears Dom added: “Codie was part of the family.

“My boys are devastated and Luna is totally lost without him.

“How can someone own a dog that is strong and has it out in public, not under control.

“That dog could have gone for my children or my newborn.”

Luna (right) has been 'totally lost' since Codi passed away on Easter Monday
Luna (right) has been ‘totally lost’ since Codi passed away on Easter Monday

Dom claims she reported the incident to police but officers advised she contact West Dunbartonsire Council’s Dog Warden Service.

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“The dog wardens have called me back but I’m waiting to hear if action will be taken,” she said.

“This can’t happen again to another dog.”

Police Scotland and West Dunbartonshire Council have been contacted for comment.

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