Scots artist paints portrait of Billy Connolly with his eyes shut and fans are loving it

A Scots artist has created an unusual portrait of Billy Connolly – and he did it with his eyes shut.

One Scots artist has created a very unusual looking portrait of iconic comedian Billy Connolly and the internet is loving it.

Tragic O’Hara, from Kilwinning, shared the process on TikTok, as he spray painted his version of the iconic comedian after just a brief glance at his picture.

The 35-year-old, who honed his skills in graffitiing buildings in the dead of night, was stuck in the house with Covid when he decided to come up with the portrait.

Showcasing it on TikTok, he said: “Honestly, of all the things I’ve done, it’s not the worst, I quite like it!”

He told the Record: “I used to paint a lot of realistic stuff but it’s nice to create things that are totally opposite from that by not really looking at what you’re doing – it’s like a brain fart on paper.”

He explained about his Big Yin creation: “I was stuck at home with Covid so I was in my workshop and just decided to do it, I drew it out without looking and that was the outcome.

“It’s stupid, things like this make me laugh that’s why I continue to do them but people think it’s actually good!”

And many people took to the comments to say how good it was.

One said: “I defo Is the man. Love this one.”

The artist shows off the image he was trying to create.

Another added: “I properly love that.”

While one said: “It has character, the big yin would love it.”

And one commented: “Love it!”

The final product

Tragic also told the Record that he is in talks with a very popular Glasgow music venue to do a blind wall mural.

He said: “You’ve just got to follow the feeling and keep doing it because if it’s making myself and other people laugh then that’s what it’s all about.”

We previously reported how he secured his first international commission after a homemade video of him painting Donald Trump was spotted by an American record label on YouTube.

He was asked to design the artwork for the company’s Fear and Loathing in Atlanta release after they loved the clip showing his work, which he shot in his garage.

For years Tragic, who carried out a “Big Art Attack” when he painted a Space Invader in his back garden during lockdown, would sneak silently along streets and rooftops in darkness – avoiding the police – to do what he loved.

But he now gets paid to do what could have landed him behind bars all those years ago, and the album cover is the latest landmark in his artistic career.

Tragic, real name Steven McIntyre, began painting and playing guitar at the age of 14, quickly becoming enlarged in the world of graffiti.

Twenty years on, grabbing a can of spray paint and transforming a wall is something the 34-year-old still loves to do.

But he has moved on from trying to paint in remote spots without getting spotted by the police – and now gets paid to do his colorful spray painted murals.

Tragic also told the Record that he describes himself as a ‘professional walrus chaser’ and that it’s even on his business cards.

You might ask what on earth is a professional walrus chaser? Well Tragic describes it as ‘making you see what I see when I listen to I am The Walrus by The Beatles.

The 35-year-old created the painting with his eyes closed.

Speaking about his creative background, the 35-year-old said: “Everyone called me an artist, but I always thought that it was like someone who wore tweed jackets and did watercolour, but I am a vandal, I grew up writing on walls and skateboarding.”

Tragic, who also also runs art workshops and has held exhibitions showcasing his work, has previously carried out work for the National Trust for Scotland, and a host of private companies, private customers and Scottish councils.

Tragic also posts various YouTube videos where he showcases his work and other genius ideas.

You can follow him on Instagram here.

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