Scotland on Sunday Readers’ Letters: We need to keep our ‘promise’ to young people

This group of individuals represent some of the most vulnerable members of our society, experiencing considerably fewer life chances than their peers, but involved with a care system that is complex and fragmented.

The recently published Scottish Government plan to deliver on ‘The Promise’ aims to significantly reduce the number of children in care, and the move from crisis intervention to early intervention is to be applauded, with the backing of at least £500 million over this Parliamentary term.

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However, we still hear of too many young people who sadly fall off a “cliff edge” as they leave care, driven by age criteria and not receiving the appropriate individualized care they so desperately need.

‘The Promise’ to children and young people in the care system needs to be fully implemented

As we approach the council elections in May, we must ensure that both momentum and funding is maintained, with the Scottish Government, local government, care community and other stakeholders working together to ensure that ‘The Promise’ that has been made, is kept.

The Scottish Children’s Services Coalition – Kenny Graham, Falkland House School; Lynn Bell, LOVE Learning; Stephen McGhee, Spark of Genius; Niall Kelly, Young Foundations

It’s time we fixed the date of Easter for good

We know that Easter derives its name from spring goddess Eostre and involves many different images of rebirth, including an egg-laying bunny! Christian religious believers engage with the spirit of the season by celebrating the Jesus resurrection story.

In October, Greg Knight MP pressed the UK government to implement the Easter Act 1928 and fix the date of the Easter public holidays. Despite the fact this would allow better planning for children, families and businesses, the government did not think it would be “suitable” to fix the dates “without input and agreement from the Church [of England] or other Christian bodies”.

The religious minority interpretation of the festival is quite legitimate but the ancient dispute about its liturgical date should not be privileged at the expense of working families.

Neil Barber, Edinburgh Secular Society

What else are we going to learn on buildings?

Further to the report ‘Urgent action demanded by Lib Dems over cladding on Sick Kids hospital’ (10 April), the Grenfell Tower conflagration killing 72 people was in June 2017.

Edinburgh’s new Sick Kids Hospital was “fully operational” in March 2021, but with cladding components similar to Grenfell’s and the hospital not “fully compliant” with building and fire safety standards due to the distance between cavity barriers (20m is required, not 10m) . Even now, compliance checks are still in progress.

How many other not-yet-discovered corners were cut and rules bent?

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Urgent action demanded over Edinburgh Sick Kids hospital’s cladding

Calls for Boris Johnson to resign over partygate is much ado about nothing. We need Boris at the helm to tackle the evils of Putin who is now desperate and breaking all the rules of war.

Dennis Forbes Grattan, Bucksburn, Aberdeen

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