Scotland in Sunday readers’ letters: I missed millions with Arbroath’s ‘wordle’ game

The New York Times bought Wordle, a phenomenon played by millions just four months after the game hit the Internet, for an “undisclosed seven-figure price.” (Photo by Stefani Reynolds/AFP via Getty Images)

This was an extremely boring job and to relieve the boredom I made up a game where I would think of a five letter word and my friends had to guess what it was.

They would give me a word and I would tell them how many letters of their word were in my word. I even submitted my game to the BBC as I thought it might make an entertaining game show. However, they rejected it.

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When my kids were growing up, we would play it on long car rides to pass the time. I also played it with the elementary school classes I used to teach. I was extremely upset when the Master Mind game came out.

Five different colored pegs were placed in the slots and players had to guess which pegs were where. For each trial, they were told how many colors were correct and how many were in the correct place. I felt like this was a clear copy of my game.

The only differences between ‘wordle’ and my game are that I didn’t tell the players which letters were correct or which were in the correct position, and the players were allowed more than six tries.

I wish I had gotten a patent for my game by now. Maybe he could have been a millionaire now.

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What is wordl? How to play Wordle, rules of the game, why is it so popular and 5 letters…

Rolls-Royce has been building safe nuclear reactors for our submarines for more than 50 years. They are now upgrading that technology to produce small, factory-built, modular reactors, each of which will generate 470MW of carbon-free electricity for at least 60 years.

The Roll-Royce SMR consortium has already signed a £3.7m contract with Sheffield Forgemaster, the world leaders in forgings and castings to design the necessary forgings.

Each of these reactors will produce enough electricity to power one million homes 365 days a year, regardless of weather conditions. Each will require only a small site and the reactor is small enough to be transported by truck.

Their supply chain is British although they have attracted investment from abroad. Its export potential is enormous. And its production will stimulate a renaissance in research and cutting-edge technology in the UK; Rolls-Royce has already established 25 University Technology Centers across the country.

If we compare SMRs with wind farms, the benefits are obvious. Wind power is intermittent. Last year saw many periods of calm conditions, including an extended period that saw the calmest conditions for ten years. The more wind farms there are, the more difficult it becomes for the National Grid control room in Warwick to balance the grid as it needs to at 50 Hz.

While wind farms need to pour millions of tons of concrete into the field and hundreds of miles of access roads, SMRs do not damage the field; They have a smaller footprint than a large Tesco. Unlike wind companies, which are mostly foreign-owned, like Spanish-owned Scottish Power, they will be produced by a British company here in Britain and exported, not imported.

However, thanks to the SNP, Scotland will not benefit from this modern technology as it turns its back on the sinews of industry in its new green guise.

William Loneskie, Lauder, Berwickshire

This week we saw the Westminster Bear Garden (conventionally known as “Parliament”) debating, if you can call it that, Sue Gray’s heavily redacted report on recent Downing Street shenanigans.

During the “debate”, MP Ian Blackford claimed that Boris Johnson had “misled Parliament”. This phrase, in Westminster terms, is the equivalent of calling Boris Johnson a liar. As a consequence, Blackford left the chamber before being suspended and forcibly removed.

So we have the absurd situation, not for the first time, where an MP who calls another MP a liar is suspended from Parliament in Westminster while the MP who is alleged to have lied gets to stay because whatever the truth of the matter is (and I think we all have a cunning idea about it) one Member simply cannot under any circumstances impugn the integrity of another.

Then we had the ridiculous, unedifying spectacle of various Westminster government ministers being dragged out to make rounds of radio and television studios to defend the indefensible.

And our very own Boris Johnson acolyte, Alister Jack MP, standing up in parliament to state what we all know to be complete nonsense, namely that “the Prime Minister is doing a fantastic job” and other sycophantic nonsense.

When will the people of the south of Scotland realize that the likes of Alister Jack and Boris Johnson don’t care in the least? The only thing that matters to them is to cling to power by whatever means they deem necessary. I despair!

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