Sayas accuses UPN of “lynching” for wanting to sanction him after breaking party discipline | Spain

The deputy of the regionalist formation Sergio Sayas upon his arrival at the UPN headquarters, this Monday in Pamplona (Navarra).
The deputy of the regionalist formation Sergio Sayas upon his arrival at the UPN headquarters, this Monday in Pamplona (Navarra).Eduardo Sanz Nieto (Europa Press)

The two deputies of the Union of the Navarrese People (UPN) in Congress who skipped party discipline and voted against the labor reform, Sergio Sayas and Carlos García Adanero, have already appeared before the Committee of Guarantees and Discipline of their formation . His intervention is part of the expulsion process initiated by the UPN leadership due to the “indiscipline” of the two deputies and which has elicited the support of the majority of the Executive – the only one who voted against it was Adanero – and 80% of the Political Council. Sayas has accused the training bodies of “lynching” for studying a sanction for his behavior in the lower house and has trusted in the independence of the Guarantees Committee.

Both Sayas and Adanero have requested legal advice, although only Sayas attended the appearance, this Monday afternoon, accompanied by his lawyer. On the possibility that this matter reaches the ordinary courts, Sayas has not been conclusive: “We are going to go step by step, at the moment we are playing this step.”

The two have reiterated their decision not to renounce their acts as deputies, and assert that they will go to any lengths to remain affiliated with UPN. Moreover, they trust that the Guarantees Committee will not impose any sanctions on them because, according to Adanero, “the statutes have not been breached at all.” “We have not gone against the principles and values ​​of UPN, on the contrary, quite the contrary. We have defended them, therefore, with a clear conscience, ”he has stated. He has even predicted that this process will not have “much travel”.

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Sergio Sayas has lashed out at the party’s organs, accusing them of “lynching”, despite the fact that it was the two of them who broke party discipline. “I believe that we have been lynched in the party’s organs and I hope that the Guarantees Committee acts independently because I hope so in a party that I consider democratic and in which I have been a democratic militant all my life.” The decision to initiate the process of his expulsion was supported by two absolute majorities: in the Executive and in the Political Council.

Sayas has once again defended his decision to vote against the labor reform. At first, they alluded to the fact that the management had not informed them of the reasons for supporting the reform. However, after his appearance before the Guarantees and Discipline Committee, he has stated that the Executive Committee, in addition to ordering three people from the UPN leadership to negotiate, set two conditions. The first was, according to the deputy, that the agreement served to wear down the relationship between the socialist party and EH Bildu and the second, that this issue was visible to the citizens of Navarre. “In our opinion, it was not fulfilled because if the price of the agreement was the disapproval of Enrique Maya ―mayor of Pamplona and vice president of UPN― the price was insufficient. If the price was money for the Pamplona City Council, it was the marketing that we criticized in others. The only possible price was the rupture of the socialist party’s relations with EH Bildu, a price that the socialist party was not willing to pay and, therefore, we had no argument to tell the citizens”, he justified.

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