Savage squirrel who attacked 18 residents put down after Christmas rampage

Jane Harry and her daughter Chloe spent Christmas Eve in hospital receiving tetanus jabs and the mum was shocked to hear they aren’t the only people in Buckley, north Wales, the squirrel has attacked

The squirrel had been terrorising residents of Buckley, with 18 people attacked before the RSPCA stepped in

A squirrel who set upon 18 people, carrying out a number of brutal attacks leaving its victims needing hospital treatment, has been put down.

The RSCPA made the announcement after the crazed creature launched at a mum and daughter as the pair exchanged gifts on Boxing Day.

In a statement, the charity said: “We were incredibly sad to have to put this squirrel to sleep but were left with no choice due to changes in legislation in 2019 making it illegal to release grey squirrels back into the wild.

“We do not agree with this law and opposed it, but legally we have to comply.

“There are numerous ways to humanely deter grey squirrels and we would urge people not to trap them as it is now illegal to release them into the wild and the only option is to put them to sleep.”

The aggressive squirrel had taken a chunk out of multiple residents


Corinne Reynolds / SWNS)

An RSPCA inspector arrived to take the creature away


Corinne Reynolds / SWNS)

Care home worker Jane Harry, 55, says the animal jumped at her and daughter Chloe – biting their neck and hands, leaving them with a trip to hospital.

She first noticed the “playful” squirrel when visiting her daughter’s home in Buckley, north Wales but she was stunned when the chubby angry animal leaped on Chloe, 29, and begun gnawing at her.

A panicked Jane tried to get the squirrel off her, before it launched a second attack – biting her three times on the arm.

Jane, from Holywell, Flintshire, recalled the attack, saying: “I was visiting my daughter after my night shift and we saw what we thought was a tame squirrel.

“Then, the squirrel ran up my daughters leg and started running around her head – I was laughing at the time.

It has left many with gruesome injuries


Scott Felton / SWNS)

Resident Scott Felton showed off the injuries he sustained


Scott Felton / SWNS)

“The next minute, my daughter shouted out ‘the squirrel has bit me.’ He went for her neck and as she tried to get the squirrel off, he bit her between the fingers.

“The bite drew blood and I started panic. He then ran at me. It ran down my arm and bit me three times.

“It was really bizarre. Our Christmas Eve was spent in hospital receiving tetanus jabs. The squirrel had bitten me on the same arm where I received my booster jab two days prior.

“I am still on antibiotics now. I can’t believe the mess it has made of my arm. The squirrel must have really strong jaws.

“I was shocked over to Christmas to learn that so many other people had been attacked too. It was brazen, the squirrel wasn’t afraid of noises. He was a big and fat thing.

“He was still roaming around my daughters house a couple of days ago. Despite all this, it is a shame it had to put down. I’m sure it will be something we’ll talk about for many Christmases to come.”

Chloe said: “We were laughing at first, but then I started to panic after I realised he bit me.

“We had to spend Christmas Eve in a community hospital receiving tetanus jabs.

“I was shocked to find out that a couple of days it returned to my house.

“He was running along the fence, trying to get into my house.”

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