Sassoli: “Refusing to ‘communitarize’ healthcare weakens citizens’ rights” | International

“It is urgent to provide the European Union with new powers in health.” Changing the Treaty? We asked him. The question will remain unanswered.

David Sassoli, president of the European Parliament until next January, avoids going into the difficult subject of the reform of the European Treaty to focus on the problem highlighted by COVID: lack of unity can lead to chaos.

The lack of unity, he says, “weakens the rights of citizens because it prevents firm action in the 27 member states.”

The data support their position. The vaccination figures separate the different Europeans that have been twisted since the enlargement, aggravating the enormous differences in per capita income and infrastructures that accompany questioned democratic administrations in countries where, often, there are more marked economic deficiencies.

Low moral

The Union that has resisted Brexit It faces all these challenges with low morale, leaders under pressure from fed-up citizens, and institutions paralyzed because the norms set by COVID have aggravated many historical ills. This is the context in which the president of the Europarliament demands an urgent response from governments.

COVID shows us that there is a void and, “if it is not corrected urgently, the EU may have problems in its fight against the pandemic.”

From mad cows to COVID

48 hours after the failed European Summit, the president of the European Parliament calls for a “deep reflection” on the situation and recalls that “after the mad cow crisis, the EU agreed on an animal health policy whose rules have been
become a world reference. “But unfortunately, he adds,” today you can get out of this pandemic without a human health policy. “

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An incomprehensible situation for this Italian politician who, at the end of January, will leave office with the bitterness of seeing that it has been impossible, until now, to negotiate a “progressive” candidacy for the replacement.

Sassoli blames the Greens for not wanting to agree with the Social Democrats, effectively leaving the presidencies of the three Institutions and the Eurogroup in the hands of right-wing parties.

The vote of the Greens

The popular will preside over the Commission, the European Parliament and the Eurogroup for the next two and a half years. The liberals of Macron and Rutte, the European Council, if finally the socialists and democrats of Parliament vote for the candidate of the Popular Party.

Roberta Mezzola (European People’s Party) is an MEP for Malta and has been presented as a centrist after confirming her group that other options, such as that of the Spanish Gonzalez Pons, who retired from the race a few months ago, did not have consensus.

To support the pact, the Greens demanded that the candidacy be of a woman, rejecting Sassoli in previous talks, but now they face the problem that the EPP candidate has consistently voted against abortion. Something that the supporters of the pact did not remember, now pending to confirm if they will present a candidate in the end.

David Sassoli affirms that “the greens avoid their responsibilities”. But his own parliamentary group, that of the Socialists and Democrats, has already refused to submit any name to replace him, thus opening the way to vote in favor of the popular candidate.

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Iratxe García: the alternative?

The Spanish Iratxe García could have been an alternative, according to group sources. It is an option that was on the table before Sassoli obtained this position, but “presenting a candidacy without a prior agreement between political groups has the risk of dividing the pro-European forces,” says Sassoli, justifying the fear of the majority groups. for the final decision to be left in the hands of the most radical parties in the Chamber.

And also Iratxe García is president of the socialist group. In his campaign for re-election, García assured journalists that the pact signed at the beginning of the legislature to distribute the 5-year mandate between the PPE and the socialists was out of date “because the political situation is very different and there are many more socialist governments in the UE of which there was when it was signed “.

But the Liberals, protecting Michel, who chairs the Council, have not wanted to change the agreements for the distribution of power and it has been impossible to try to divide the vote of their parliamentary group because the Greens refused from the first moment to support Sassoli.

Pandora Papers

Thus, the easiest option for the Social Democrats to maintain the Presidency of the European Parliament failed due to the argument that the post should be presided over by a woman, although the situation may lead them to vote for a female candidate, yes, but that in addition to being against A fundamental right of women, the right to abortion, has a husband whose name, Mezzola, appears in the Pandora papers because their family businesses are dedicated to the casino and gambling.

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The European United Left, the smallest group in the European Parliament, with 39 deputies, does present a woman, Sira Rego. But the deputy and vice-president of the European group United Left, He does not seem to want to inconvenience his fellow government in Spain, forcing a candidacy of progress under his name. And it is that in their environment they take for granted that it will not go to the second round because socialists, popular and liberals have closed the pact.

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