Sarah Ferguson, on Prince Harry and Meghan Markle: “The most important thing, and I know Diana would say this if she were here, is that they are happy together” | People

Diana of Wales and Sarah Ferguson had a strong friendship in the 1990s. They met when they were teenagers, and it was Diana who introduced her to her ex-husband, Prince Andrew. Their close relationship placed them in the media eye and caused more than one platform in the media to make comparisons, criticisms and attempts to separate them and make it appear — erroneously — that they were facing each other. But now, 24 years after the death of Lady Di and after confessing a few months ago that both formed a strong team in the face of adversity, he has put himself in her shoes to talk about the son of the once princess of Wales.

The Duchess of York has been referred to during a Dec. 15 appearance on the Italian talk show Door to door to the “happiness” that Prince Harry overflows since he is with Meghan Markle, and has shared what he thinks his late mother would think about the fact that both left royalty to move to California (USA). “The most important thing, and I know Diana would say this if she were here, is that they are happy together. And she makes him happy. And I love to see that child who cried at the funeral [de su madre] He is finally happy, ”said Ferguson, 62, after recalling the gloomy moment when the then-young Enrique walked after his mother’s coffin in 1997.

“We were best friends since she was 14 and I was 15,” said the Duchess in a talk for the magazine People last July. Years later they became the “wives of the Windsors”, as some tabloids of the time put it, and they clung to the support they offered each other. “Diana and I had our own mental health problems, and she and I used to talk,” the Duchess recalled then, referring to a topic that was not standard in those days. “She told me: ‘FergieRemember one thing: when you are on top of the pedestal, it is very easy to fall. And you are down. Just go up, ”he openly narrated.

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“In the eighties there was Diana, beautiful, and then there was the fat and lanky FergieFerguson reflected on how she was presented to the world by the press, making her a target of ridicule and showing an image that contrasted with the always perfect Lady Di. “We were just there so that there were people who would make a lot of money. At that moment, neither of us realized it, ”she acknowledged during the talk.

Another of the topics discussed during the last interview with the Duchess of York includes her vision of the relationship between Prince Andrew and the Epstein case, to which he has been linked for years and for which he has retired from official palace life. The latest news in this regard involves Virginia Giuffre, alleged victim of millionaire pedophile Jeffrey Epstein, who sued Andres of England for sexual assault in a federal court in New York in August. When asked about the facts, she has avoided directly naming the controversy, but has launched herself to defend the father of her daughters: “I support him one hundred percent, he is an extraordinary, kind man, an excellent father, and a fantastic grandfather.” He has stressed, maintaining his version despite having divorced him.

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