Sanitary suits, a gun and a toolbox: the movie heist of a bank in Mexico City


An assailant is captured by the security cameras of a bank in the historic center of Mexico City.
An assailant is captured by the security cameras of a bank in the historic center of Mexico City.RR.SS.

As if it were the setting of a heist movie at full speed: in broad daylight, in the center of Mexico City. Three people enter – it is not clear where – into a Citibanamex bank branch, on Venustiano Carranza street. They are disguised in sanitary suits, the kind that the last year and the pandemic have become so common in the collective imagination. They say they are going to disinfect the premises. Instead, one of them pulls out a gun – it’s a robbery. Seven employees are, according to local reporters, tied up and threatened. By the time the police arrive on the scene, the thieves have already vanished. They do not observe damage to the bank safe. The only trace they have left of their passage through the office is a toolbox and a forced door: the air conditioning inlet.

The only official report on the case is a brief statement from the Secretariat of Citizen Security of Mexico City. In it, it is reported that the security forces have gone to the bank after receiving an emergency call warning of an assault. Upon arriving at the scene, the office manager confirmed the robbery of “a group of people, apparently in possession of a firearm.” The statement goes on to narrate how the thieves entered a “controlled access zone”, which set off the alarm in the safe.

The police have carried out an inspection of the branch, in the company of the office employees. In the safe they have not found visible damage at first glance, “however, they observed a tool box and forced the door and air conditioning inlet”. According to the agency EFE and Televisa, the robbers would have entered through the roof of the building, a hypothesis that has spread on social networks, although at the moment it has not been confirmed by official sources. The thieves have managed to flee, according to EFE, with the loot in his possession, whose value has not transcended.

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In the images that have been disseminated on social networks, a man is seen disguised in a white sanitary suit, a black fanny pack, sunglasses and a kind of camouflage balaclava. In his right hand he carries a pistol, which the assailants have used to intimidate at least seven of the bank’s employees, although according to official sources, there have been no injuries. However, according to Televisa, one of the workers had to be treated by paramedics.

Beyond speculation, little is known about the case. The identities of the three assailants are not known, although the security forces have opened a police investigation. The branch’s legal department staff have also communicated that they will make a formal complaint to the authorities. Meanwhile, the thieves, who according to local reporters have managed to escape through the roof of the building, have managed to lose their trail in the streets of the center. In a city in which, this October alone, more than 10,000 robberies were registered, -according to the General Prosecutor of Justice of the capital- this mysterious robbery has already gone to the indicated pages of the chronicles of events.

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